Media: The Illusion of Choice

This chart is a few years old and also doesn’t include google’s parent company (alphabet) which is bigger than any of the others in terms of revenue.   Search engines are a much more targeted way of manipulating society-wide beliefs than broadcast/streaming media because of the opinionators which tend to use them to research questions on specific issues.

If you assume one dollar, one vote,  then in this “democracy”, about 50% of “the people” are appendages of the 1%.   In other words,  there is virtually no discord within 50% of the power structure, no democrat/republican or maddow/limbaugh distractions.   They are of one voice, their objectives are coherent, their strategies well planned, researched and coordinated.   And their interests are so different from those of the peasants that distraction and diversion are needed to conceal them as they proceed smoothly to the goalposts.   We might as well be ants squeezing through the narrowing corridors of the continually self-constructing and space-filling borg.

In other words all mass media is inherently corrupt and deceptive about everything that matters.

But they have a vulnerability: the cohesion around the boundary of the shrinking group is becoming fractured as the edge dwellers fall away from the apex.   They are dangerous to the status quo because they know the reality and are sufficiently networked among themselves and the rest of the group to exert some influence on the process.   The tip is becoming blunted.   And then there’s the issue of mental illness, which could cause the whole thing to fly apart unexpectedly.

The most effective strategy for the peasants at this point is a truth and reconciliation process.

The Super Entity That Controls Your Government

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