Israeli ‘Direct Cooling’ Solar Tech Produces Water from Dry Air

Israeli technology is bringing water to desert regions without the use of electricity.

By United with Israel Staff 

Professors David Broday and Eran Friedler of Technion-Israel Institute of Technology announced last week their groundbreaking energy-efficient system to produce clean water from air. Dubbed “H-to-all,” it is unlike previous “water from air” systems in that it is much more energy efficient and can even be used in arid desert regions.

“Existing technologies work simply as ‘reverse’ air conditioners, by cooling the whole air mass entering the system in order to condense the moisture,” Prof. Friedler explained. “This ‘direct cooling’ approach is energetically inefficient,” unlike existing systems that “waste much of their energy requirements on cooling about 97 percent of the air volume, which is non-condensable.”

Conversely, “The new technology involves cooling of only the moisture that has been extracted from the air, significantly reducing the amount of energy required to produce water.”…


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