Colloidal silver and the coronavirus

I’ve been hesitant to post this cuz I don’t want to fearmonger, but if the coronavirus becomes a real problem in this country there may be few opportunities for mere mortals to purchase specialized medical supplies.   It’s better to be prepared ahead of time and if the virus turns out to be a dud you’ll still have a kick-ass way to prevent many common (and not so common) respiratory infections.

Inhaled colloidal silver mist is a broad spectrum anti-viral and anti-bacterial, a topical antiseptic for the nose, throat and lungs that works like crazy.    As an inhaled mist the CS goes right where it’s needed (assuming you nip it in the bud) and the dose is way below anything that could cause silver toxicity.  Some people drink CS for various issues without problems and this dose is minuscule by comparison.   Once an infection spreads systemically however it’s a different story, so catch it early even if you’re not sure you’re sick.   No harm in precaution.

You’ll need the CS of course, and some way to generate a mist from it.   An ultrasonic nebulizer is an excellent solution for this.   Here is what I use but there are many such products on the market:



You can actually make your own CS using electrolysis with silver electrodes in distilled water.

Vitamins D3, C and A are also important for immunity.   K2 is also a good idea if you’re taking high doses of D3.

Normally I take 10,000 IU of D per day (about what a shirtless  caucasian generates by spending 20 minutes in the sun) and I hardly ever get sick any more despite being constantly exposed to avian viruses via my chickens.   If I feel something might be coming on, I don’t wait.  I take 2 deep breaths of CS mist immediately and 30,000 IU of D before bed.    Without exception it’s gone by morning.

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