Trump at White House Summit on Human Trafficking

As the men and women in this room know, human trafficking is a problem everywhere — a worldwide problem. Human trafficking is worse than ever before, and that’s because of the Internet. I’ve heard from Bill Barr, and I’ve heard from others, that the Internet has caused lots of good things to happen and lots of really bad things. And this is probably the worst of the bad things. And it’s an incredible thing.

An estimated 25 million people around the world today are being held captive, manipulated, and abused by human traffickers.

In 2018 alone, the National Human Trafficking Hotline identified over 23,000 human trafficking victims in the United States. Sixty-five percent of these victims were women. More than one in five were children. Human traffickers prey on their most vulnerable citizens and people. They’re vicious. They’re violent.

My administration is fighting these monsters, persecuting and prosecuting them, and locking them away for a very, very long time. We’ve had a tremendous track record — the best track record in a long time.

We are dismantling the criminal organizations that make largescale human trafficking possible. In my first month in office, I instructed federal agencies to go out and just do what you have to do. All federal departments are doing what they do to identify and destroy these groups. And we are destroying a lot of them. Unfortunately, they come back very quickly in a different form…

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One comment under this video said,

We need third party independent science on all products sold to consumers. People who don’t care about corporations’ profits or government lobbying or conflicts of interest, only the real truth of the science backing the product. This is what is missing. It’s consumers who are suffering, while big business hides behind legislation which they probably lobbied for. Science is fake dead news if there is no third-party independent science backing it. People who push such dangerous products should be stripped of their professional qualification, Degrees, Masters , PhD etc. and not allowed to practice or advice for 8 years. Share the video and tell others about this information online.

In addition, Auntie Patricia says, “Currently, corporations are run by overpaid figureheads placed into position by a tainted system. Laws are written by the very corporations they are supposed to be regulating, with Congress and government agencies obediently enacting and enforcing them. Advertising, public relations and marketing budgets are high; product quality, employee care, accountability and customer service are sacrificed for glitz and shareholder profits. This is a formula for rampant corruption and it obviously does not work in the long run.

“Corporations could be non-hierarchical; employee-owned and operated, with each employee personally liable for any damage their company causes. This would make corporations extremely careful, cautious and conscientious. Perhaps then, we could trust the market again.”