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There have been times in my life when I’ve practiced the discipline of keeping a daily dream journal. By that I mean that I keep a notebook next to my bed and then upon waking in the morning I write down any dreams I recall. Usually these are rough notes, then when I’m fully awakened I write down the full dream in clear language. After that, usually about once a week, and then at the end of the month, I reread the dreams and consider their significance. The purpose of this practice is that it connects the conscious and subconscious levels of mind together and in doing so increases intuitive abilities. I don’t maintain this type of disciplined practice anymore, but about ten years ago, I was practicing dream journalling of this type in a serious way.

There are numerous cases in the Bible of people doing dream analysis of their own dreams and those of other persons. Joseph of Egypt and the Prophet Daniel were known to be able to interpret the dreams of pharaohs and kings. Daniel had a prophetic dream of his own about four beasts. The apostle Peter was moved to change the very direction of Christianity because of a dream he had. I’ve known contemporary Christians who taught me this practice that they use themselves.

Almost everyone who does this notices that a small percentage of the dreams are precognitive. Usually these predict small and relatively unimportant events. Once I had a dream that I was talking with someone I hadn’t seen in years and had completely lost touch with. The next day I ran into that person who happened to unexpectedly turn up in my town because her car broke down. We had a brief, pleasant conversation, but the event was of no real importance. I’ve had a enough of these precognitive dreams to know that they aren’t coincidental. And these precog dreams have a definite emotional quality to them that you come to recognize with experience.

About ten years ago I had a precog dream that was monumental in its emotional scope. The dream had a slightly surrealistic quality to it, but it was clearly depicting a real event that would someday take place in the world. In this dream an angel took me to a place and told me that I was going to witness an event that would take place many years in the future. This angel was a young woman dressed in white with small wings on her back. She took me to a hillside where I saw a group of people gathering. There was a woman with dark hair who was standing behind a marble pedestal that had a large book on top. She was bidding people to come and sign their names to the book. The angel whispered into my ear that those who made the mistake of signing the book would evoke the anger of God and bring a curse upon themselves.

A group of people began to line up to sign the book. On one side of the line was a crowd of people cheering them on. On the other side of the line was a crowd of people shaking their heads in clear disappointment and frowning at the people forming together in a line. On a hilltop behind the crowd of those who showed their disapproval, a group of angels began to form. These angels were strong men and women dressed in armor and holding swords and spears. Names of God, such as Jesus Christ and YHWH, were written on their shields and armor. They had large powerful wings on their backs. They looked down with stern expressions of anger on their faces. But none of the people in the two crowds, and none of the people in the line, nor the woman behind the book — none of them seemed to notice or see the angels gathering on the hilltop above. And the angel by my side whispered that only we could see the angels because they were invisible to everyone else.

Then the people in the line came forward and began to sign their names to the book. And each one looked gleeful as he or she signed the book. They received cheers as they walked away smiling after signing the book. But I felt dread in the pit of my stomach — feeling that each one had made a terrible mistake by signing. And then I looked upon the resolve and stern expressions of the growing army of angels on the hilltop who looked down at the fools who signed their names to the book. And then the woman with dark hair who stood behind the book lifted her book up and showed its cover. I could then see that her signature was upon the cover of the book. She laughed and smiled and bragged that her signature was upon the cover of the book. Then the people who had signed the book and the people who had cheered them on all applauded the woman with the dark hair and celebrated.

And the angel next to me said, “Those who signed the book, the woman who bid them to sign and those who cheered them on will all now feel the full wraith of God’s angels as it is poured down upon them. So we must leave now. But you will remember what has been revealed to you. Many years will pass until you see this event take place in the world. You will remember this vision when it does take place. You will understand this dream only then.”

Then the dream ended. I woke up in the middle of the night overwhelmed with emotion because of what I had seen in this vivid and unmistakably precognitive dream. I knew I couldn’t fall asleep until I wrote down the dream, which I did in detail. It was with difficulty that I was able to fall asleep again that night.

At the time of the dream I had no idea what the dream meant. Over the years as I would reread my dream journals, when I would come across what I had written about that dream, I would feel overwhelmed with emotion. I would always wonder what the dream meant and what event in the world it predicted.

Eventually I grew tired of the discipline of keeping a dream journal and rereading what I had written. Even now I occasionally will have a vivid dream, and I’ll write it down the the morning, but mostly I don’t bother with dream journalling. I stored my old dream journals in a place where they got moldy. So I had to throw them all away, but I could never put that one dream out of my mind.

Recently when I began to read about the so called “impeachment trial” of President Trump, this dream vision that was shown to me years ago instantly came back to mind. There was no doubt that this was the realization of the event that my dream had predicted. The woman bidding them to sign is Nancy Pelosi. The people who signed the book in the dream are the idiots in the House of Representatives who signed the so called impeachment articles. This blatant coup attempt by Nancy and her gang is a pathetic undermining of the Constitution. And when I saw the ridiculous signing ceremony, where Nancy finally got around to sending this nonsense to the Senate, I knew that this was the final fulfillment of the dream revelation. She bragged about her signature written in gold on bullet shaped pens, presented to her followers on a silver platter. WOW!

If in reading my article here you doubt that my dream was precognitive, wait until you see what happens to the fools who signed their names to this treasonous act. I don’t know exactly how this will play out, but I’m certain that ultimately things will go badly for the fools who have signed their names to the book of traitors. Yet I don’t feel sorry for them.

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