CNN, Warren’s Sexism Jibe Against Sanders Backfires as #CNNisTrash Trends on Twitter

The top three trends on Twitter Wednesday morning across the United States were #CNNisTrash, #NeverWarren, and #WarrenIsaSnake.

CNN has been widely criticized for its perceived bias in moderating yesterday’s Democratic presidential debate in Iowa. With just three weeks before the first primaries, six leading candidates descended upon Des Moines last night to take part. But, as with previous debates, much of the public discussion centered on the organization, framing and bias of the organizers and moderators.

CNN asked Bernie Sanders, the most left-leaning of the candidates, if he thought he “owed voters an explanation” on how much his health plan would cost them and demanded to know “how will he avoid bankrupting the country” when implementing Medicare for All. Meanwhile, on trade, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was questioned about a new deal with Canada and Mexico and asked “why is Sanders’ opposition to it wrong,” giving her a puff question with which to undermine Sanders.

Cenk Uygur


Framing on every question is massively right-wing. They just accused @BernieSanders of bankrupting country when his proposal costs LESS than current system! How come they don’t ask Biden if he’s comfortable with letting 45,000 a year people die under current system?

Like in previous debates, CNN continually framed issues in a conservative manner, accepting right-wing talking points as true and attacking the left. While it appeared alarmed about the cost of a healthcare system that virtually every other advanced country in the world employs (and at a much cheaper price than a privatized American system), CNN asked 27 questions about the American military presence in the Middle East without even once considering how the U.S. would pay for these wars. Host Wolf Blitzer even tried to associate Sanders with Ayatollah Khamenei, noting that they have both called for American troops to leave the region, something that, in Blitzer’s estimation, led to the rise of ISIS. An exasperated Sanders laughed at the assertion before cautioning the American public about starting another “disastrous” war….

The bias in moderation reached comical levels for many when the candidates were asked about Warren’s assertions. Sanders was asked “You’re saying that you never told Senator Warren that a woman could not win the election,” to which he responded, “That is correct.” The moderator, Abby Phillip, immediately switched to Warren to ask “what did you think when Senator Sanders told you a woman could not win the election?” The blatant, childish attempt to redefine her hotly disputed assertion as a fact within one sentence drew hoots of laughter from the crowd, and Bernie alike, who all immediately noticed the rhetorical trick CNN was trying to play. Even Warren let out an embarrassed smile as she answered: “I disagreed.”…

While they wring their hands about budget priorities and social (control) issues, no one on the left OR the right is talking about the fraudulent reserve and fictional reserve banking.   The interest on the conjured “federal debt” has cost nearly $12T since 1988 and financed the political, economic and social destabilization of the country.   Utterly fake news and fake politics.  This alone is enough to walk away from both.

Kucinich was the last democrat to talk about the elephant in the living room.   I guess he’s lucky to be alive, unless you believe in the paper-thin illusion of the rule of law.

Kucinich doesn’t understand that this country has been slated for demolition to enrich our luciferian overlords.   Even if you’ve managed to miss the whistleblowers like Fitts, or the leaks about Obama’s intention to “kill” the dollar ( ), or the export of our industrial infrastructure, or the lucrative business model of disaster capitalism, it’s hard to miss the decades-long deterioration of our infrastructure and education system, and the ongoing medical assault on our children, who were never intended to be informed and educated citizens of a first-world economy or democracy.  And all of this has been happening under a bipartisan consensus without a peep out of our “free press”.   Trump’s election is only a temporary delay in this agenda.   This is why he is being impeached.

Wake up please.

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