Biological man celebrated as “woman of the week” after beating real women in track and field

(Natural News) Jonathan Eastwood, who now goes by the transgender name “June,” has been dominating cross-country and track and field competitions at the University of Montana (UoM) for several years now, thanks to the school’s acceptance and celebration of biological males pretending to be “females” who decide to compete against biological females in sports.

For the past several years, Eastwood has won victory after victory on the women’s athletic field, stealing these titles from real girls, many of whom rely on fair competition for scholarships and future athletic careers. But UoM couldn’t care less about the plight of these women as it recently lauded Eastwood for its “bravery” by awarding it “Women’s Cross-Country Athlete of the Week.”

Talk about a slap in the face to Eastwood’s real female competitors, who are being forced to accept the fact that they will likely never again win first place in a race thanks to Eastwood’s unfair participation. It’s a problem that’s spreading all across the country as the transgender mafia demands unrestricted access to any and all female sports teams, no questions asked….

As with virtually every other social engineering atrocity, the real mafia is  invisible.   It’s the well heeled malthusian eugenicists who are wrecking people’s lives with transgendering endocrine disruptors and DNA-corrupting vaccines.

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