by Kerth Barker

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There have been times in my life when I’ve practiced the discipline of keeping a daily dream journal. By that I mean that I keep a notebook next to my bed and then upon waking in the morning I write down any dreams I recall. Usually these are rough notes, then when I’m fully awakened I write down the full dream in clear language. After that, usually about once a week, and then at the end of the month, I reread the dreams and consider their significance. The purpose of this practice is that it connects the conscious and subconscious levels of mind together and in doing so increases intuitive abilities. I don’t maintain this type of disciplined practice anymore, but about ten years ago, I was practicing dream journalling of this type in a serious way.

There are numerous cases in the Bible of people doing dream analysis of their own dreams and those of other persons. Joseph of Egypt and the Prophet Daniel were known to be able to interpret the dreams of pharaohs and kings. Daniel had a prophetic dream of his own about four beasts. The apostle Peter was moved to change the very direction of Christianity because of a dream he had. I’ve known contemporary Christians who taught me this practice that they use themselves.

Almost everyone who does this notices that a small percentage of the dreams are precognitive. Usually these predict small and relatively unimportant events. Once I had a dream that I was talking with someone I hadn’t seen in years and had completely lost touch with. The next day I ran into that person who happened to unexpectedly turn up in my town because her car broke down. We had a brief, pleasant conversation, but the event was of no real importance. I’ve had a enough of these precognitive dreams to know that they aren’t coincidental. And these precog dreams have a definite emotional quality to them that you come to recognize with experience.

About ten years ago I had a precog dream that was monumental in its emotional scope. The dream had a slightly surrealistic quality to it, but it was clearly depicting a real event that would someday take place in the world. In this dream an angel took me to a place and told me that I was going to witness an event that would take place many years in the future. This angel was a young woman dressed in white with small wings on her back. She took me to a hillside where I saw a group of people gathering. There was a woman with dark hair who was standing behind a marble pedestal that had a large book on top. She was bidding people to come and sign their names to the book. The angel whispered into my ear that those who made the mistake of signing the book would evoke the anger of God and bring a curse upon themselves.

A group of people began to line up to sign the book. On one side of the line was a crowd of people cheering them on. On the other side of the line was a crowd of people shaking their heads in clear disappointment and frowning at the people forming together in a line. On a hilltop behind the crowd of those who showed their disapproval, a group of angels began to form. These angels were strong men and women dressed in armor and holding swords and spears. Names of God, such as Jesus Christ and YHWH, were written on their shields and armor. They had large powerful wings on their backs. They looked down with stern expressions of anger on their faces. But none of the people in the two crowds, and none of the people in the line, nor the woman behind the book — none of them seemed to notice or see the angels gathering on the hilltop above. And the angel by my side whispered that only we could see the angels because they were invisible to everyone else.

Then the people in the line came forward and began to sign their names to the book. And each one looked gleeful as he or she signed the book. They received cheers as they walked away smiling after signing the book. But I felt dread in the pit of my stomach — feeling that each one had made a terrible mistake by signing. And then I looked upon the resolve and stern expressions of the growing army of angels on the hilltop who looked down at the fools who signed their names to the book. And then the woman with dark hair who stood behind the book lifted her book up and showed its cover. I could then see that her signature was upon the cover of the book. She laughed and smiled and bragged that her signature was upon the cover of the book. Then the people who had signed the book and the people who had cheered them on all applauded the woman with the dark hair and celebrated.

And the angel next to me said, “Those who signed the book, the woman who bid them to sign and those who cheered them on will all now feel the full wraith of God’s angels as it is poured down upon them. So we must leave now. But you will remember what has been revealed to you. Many years will pass until you see this event take place in the world. You will remember this vision when it does take place. You will understand this dream only then.”

Then the dream ended. I woke up in the middle of the night overwhelmed with emotion because of what I had seen in this vivid and unmistakably precognitive dream. I knew I couldn’t fall asleep until I wrote down the dream, which I did in detail. It was with difficulty that I was able to fall asleep again that night.

At the time of the dream I had no idea what the dream meant. Over the years as I would reread my dream journals, when I would come across what I had written about that dream, I would feel overwhelmed with emotion. I would always wonder what the dream meant and what event in the world it predicted.

Eventually I grew tired of the discipline of keeping a dream journal and rereading what I had written. Even now I occasionally will have a vivid dream, and I’ll write it down the the morning, but mostly I don’t bother with dream journalling. I stored my old dream journals in a place where they got moldy. So I had to throw them all away, but I could never put that one dream out of my mind.

Recently when I began to read about the so called “impeachment trial” of President Trump, this dream vision that was shown to me years ago instantly came back to mind. There was no doubt that this was the realization of the event that my dream had predicted. The woman bidding them to sign is Nancy Pelosi. The people who signed the book in the dream are the idiots in the House of Representatives who signed the so called impeachment articles. This blatant coup attempt by Nancy and her gang is a pathetic undermining of the Constitution. And when I saw the ridiculous signing ceremony, where Nancy finally got around to sending this nonsense to the Senate, I knew that this was the final fulfillment of the dream revelation. She bragged about her signature written in gold on bullet shaped pens, presented to her followers on a silver platter. WOW!

If in reading my article here you doubt that my dream was precognitive, wait until you see what happens to the fools who signed their names to this treasonous act. I don’t know exactly how this will play out, but I’m certain that ultimately things will go badly for the fools who have signed their names to the book of traitors. Yet I don’t feel sorry for them.

JFK Assassination – The secret no one dares tell

Is “Space Force” Trump’s Countercoup Apparatus?

There’s no doubt that the 9/11 coup utilized a “backchannel” of command, control and communications which allowed them to divert norad fighters to distant locales and put phantom blips on FAA flight controller consoles without cooperation from the formal apparatus of aviation security.  This video claims that Trump has set up his own backchannel to wage a countercoup against them utilizing the “space force” as a cover.  It would be nice to see some documentation beyond what flashes by in the video, but infowars does have an excellent track record based on their access to military and intelligence sources.

America’s newest military branch has been very active behind the scenes

Alex Jones: Deep State Planning A False Flag In Virginia

Alex Jones breaks down the Deep State-orchestrated false flag potential that could break out at the upcoming 2nd Amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia, and how the Democrats will use the crisis to render judgement on President Trump and attempt to remove him from office during the Senate impeachment trial that begins the day after the Virginia Capital rally.

Alex Jones explains more about what the Deep State has planned for Trump’s impeachment trial:

How Trump Rebelled Against The Generals

In early 2017, just as Trump was inaugurated, we wrote how an old power center theory that seemed to explain how Trump won the elections:

Seen from the perspective of power centers Clinton once had all the support she needed. But she then lost a decisive group due to her uncompromising neo-conned foreign policy. Here is an interesting take based on a theory from the 1950s:

[T]he power elite can be best described as a “triangle of power,” linking the corporate, executive government, and military factions: “There is a political economy numerously linked with military order and decision. This triangle of power is now a structural fact, and it is the key to any understanding of the higher circles in America today.”The 2016 US election, like all other US elections, featured a gallery of pre-selected candidates that represented the three factions and their interests within the power elite. The 2016 US election, however, was vastly different from previous elections. As the election dragged on the power elite became bitterly divided, with the majority supporting Hilary Clinton, the candidate pre-selected by the political and corporate factions, while the military faction rallied around their choice of Donald Trump.

The decisive political point in this election round was the fight between neo-conservatives/liberal-interventionists and foreign policy realists. One side is represented as exemplary by the CIA with the U.S. military on the other:

A schism developed between the Defense Department and the highly politicized CIA. This schism, which can be attributed to the corporate-deep-state’s covert foreign policy, traces back to the CIA orchestrated “color revolutions” that had swept the Middle East and North Africa.

The CIA created bloodthirsty future enemies the military will later have to defeat. …

That explanation has held up well. At the beginning of his regime Trump stuffed the White House with the military faction while the executive government -the deep state- waged a war against him. The corporate side of triangle of power was quite happy with his tax policies.

But Trump soon discovered that the military faction did not concur with his ‘America first’ isolationist tendencies. The ‘grown ups’ and generals wanted to explain to Trump why they believe that the U.S. needs many allies and bases and why the many long wars the U.S. fights are sensible policy.

According to a new book, partly adapted in a Washington Post piece, that effort did not end well:

Trump organized his unorthodox worldview under the simplistic banner of “America First,” but [Secretary of Defense Jim] Mattis, [Secretary of State Rex] Tillerson, and [Director of the National Economic Council Gary] Cohn feared his proposals were rash, barely considered, and a danger to America’s superpower standing. They also felt that many of Trump’s impulsive ideas stemmed from his lack of familiarity with U.S. history and, even, where countries were located. To have a useful discussion with him, the trio agreed, they had to create a basic knowledge, a shared language.So on July 20, 2017, Mattis invited Trump to the Tank for what he, Tillerson, and Cohn had carefully organized as a tailored tutorial.

The meeting in the Tank, a secure conference room in the Pentagon, were part of an effort to subdue Trump’s insurgency against the top military’s world view. and the presentation by top generals came off as a lecture which Trump immediately disliked:

An opening line flashed on the screen, setting the tone: “The post-war international rules-based order is the greatest gift of the greatest generation.” Mattis then gave a 20-minute briefing on the power of the NATO alliance to stabilize Europe and keep the United States safe. Bannon thought to himself, “Not good. Trump is not going to like that one bit.” The internationalist language Mattis was using was a trigger for Trump.“Oh, baby, this is going to be f—ing wild,” [White House chief strategist Stephen K.] Bannon thought. “If you stood up and threatened to shoot [Trump], he couldn’t say ‘postwar rules-based international order.’ It’s just not the way he thinks.”

Bannon was right. Verbal scuffles about NATO, South Korea and U.S. bases followed. Then Trump took on the generals:

“We are owed money you haven’t been collecting!” Trump told them. “You would totally go bankrupt if you had to run your own business.” …

When one reads the recent Congress testimony of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan one can see that Trump has a point. The war is long lost and the military is lying about it:

“There’s an odor of mendacity throughout the Afghanistan issue . . . mendacity and hubris,” John F. Sopko said in testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “The problem is there is a disincentive, really, to tell the truth. We have created an incentive to almost require people to lie.”

“When we talk about mendacity, when we talk about lying, it’s not just lying about a particular program. It’s lying by omissions,” he said. “It turns out that everything that is bad news has been classified for the last few years.”

Trump’s rant during the meeting with the generals continued:

Trump mused about removing General John Nicholson, the U.S. commander in charge of troops in Afghanistan. “I don’t think he knows how to win,” the president said, impugning Nicholson, who was not present at the meeting.

“I want to win,” he said. “We don’t win any wars anymore . . . We spend $7 trillion, everybody else got the oil and we’re not winning anymore.” …
“I wouldn’t go to war with you people,” Trump told the assembled brass.Addressing the room, the commander in chief barked, “You’re a bunch of dopes and babies.”

A drill sergeant act performed on recruits with four stars on their shoulders. I find that quite impressive. Those perfumed princes must have fumed.

While some will certainly say that Trump disgraced the military with his rant most of the soldiers in the field will likely agree with his opinion about their generals. …

“We’re Ready To Fight”: 1000s Expected To Attend Massive Gun-Rights Rally At Virginia Capitol

As various pro-gun rights groups prepare to gather at Virginia’s state capitol in Richmond on Monday in what’s expected to be one of the largest pro-gun rallies in recent memory, Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam has declared a state of emergency, police are busy setting up barricades and temporary holding pens – and one lawmaker has even arranged to spend most of the day in a safe house, according to the Washington Examiner.

The rally is expected to draw tens of thousands, and fears about Charlottesville-style violence are prompting police to scour the web for any signs of a violent plot.

Already, the FBI has arrested three alleged members of a violent white supremacist group who were planning on attending the rally.

As Republicans battle for the hearts and minds of the people against a state government that is unilaterally controlled by Democrats, Todd Gilbert, Virginia’s House Republican leader, warned on Saturday that white supremacist groups trying to spread “hate, violence, or civil unrest” would not be welcome at a pro-gun rally in the state’s capital on Monday, according to Reuters.

“Any group that comes to Richmond to spread white supremacist garbage, or any other form of hate, violence, or civil unrest isn’t welcome here,” he said. “While we and our Democratic colleagues may have differences, we are all Virginians and we will stand united in opposition to any threats of violence or civil unrest from any quarter.”

Organized by the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a group that annually lobbies the state legislature against new gun-control laws, this year’s rally is simply a much larger manifestation of the group’s annual gun-rights rally at the capitol.

As the Dems who control the state government plot a slew of new gun control measures in a state that has historically been more permissive about gun rights, Virginia has transformed into ground zero in the fight over gun rights in America. Already, gun owners across the state have been scrambling to buy up as many guns as they can before the new legislation takes effect, fostering a boom among gun sellers.

The tension even prompted President Trump to weigh in with a tweet on Friday: “That’s what happens when you vote for Democrats, they will take your guns away.”…

Washington has a history of planting govt operatives posing as white supremacists in the 2A movement.  This is not be a partisan issue, it’s a corporate state vs human rights issue.  Liberals who think eliminating personal ownership of basic self defense weapons inside the empire need to learn some real history, not the TV version.   The worldwide deployment of death squads and torture tutors by the USA is a matter of long-standing and well-documented public record, and it didn’t start with the fake “war on terror”.   They haven’t been deployed domestically only because they haven’t been needed.    Now that people are waking up en masse just as the engineered implosion of the economy enters its terminal phase, that’s bound to change.

The transnational corporate government is a “legally” constituted form of artificial intelligence which is prepared to commit any atrocity to survive, and it has access to armies of sleeping human drones.  Don’t think you can rely on the state apparatus to get us through this crisis.

Knowledge is power.  Empathy is power.   Autonomous regional self-organization is power.   And you are the most powerful force in your life, if you embrace it.   That’s how circumcision and obstetrical abuse are a form of mind control: they induced learned helplessness and passivity at a subconscious, imprinted level.   Survivors are much more powerful than they  know.

The first rule of activism is that the guy with the explosives is always the government agent.

Senior CIA Officer: “There has never been a conspiracy in this country”

Is Obama the titular head of the secret government?

Virginia Gov. Northam’s anti-gun “emergency” was orchestrated by former President Obama, according to this Virginia State police officer:

Obama does have a history of muscling into state and local-level issues. Case in point, the former president created a “Task Force on 21st Century Policing” back in 2014 which was intended to place more federal control over local police.

“Just weeks after the report [on the task force] was released, the administration unveiled a list of six U.S. cities targeted to serve as ‘pilot sites’ to develop and deploy federal guidance for local police — all of it supposedly to create ‘better procedures, reduce racial bias, and regain citizens’ trust,’” reported The New American. “The plan, officially dubbed the ‘National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice,’ will use U.S. taxpayer dollars to deploy ‘experts’ and ‘researchers’ charged with training officers to act in a manner that the DOJ deems just — in essence doing the bidding of the Obama administration.”

And, during the Clinton administration, a survey was given to U.S. Marines at the 29 Palms Marine Corps base in California which asked if they would “fire upon U.S. citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the United States government.”

It was later reported that, during the Obama administration, top military officials were given a litmus test asking them if they would fire on US citizens or not.

“Going back to the beginning of this administration, I’ve had friends within the community talking about how they were brought in and questioned with people from more towards the top side and the questioning… where it was pointing was do you feel comfortable disarming American citizens,” former Navy SEAL Ben Smith said.

Obama the Cult Leader

Gene-Editing Unintentionally Adds Bovine DNA, Goat DNA, and Bacterial DNA, Mouse Researchers Find

The gene-editing of DNA inside living cells is considered by many to be the preeminent technological breakthrough of the new millennium. Researchers in medicine and agriculture have rapidly adopted it as a technique for discovering cell and organism functions. But its commercial prospects are much more complicated.

Gene-editing has many potential uses. These include altering cells to treat human disease, altering crops and livestock for breeding and agriculture. Furthermore, in a move that has been widely criticised, Chinese researcher He Jiankui claims to have edited human babies to resist HIV by altering a gene called CCR5.

For most commercial applications gene-editing’s [purported] appeal is simplicity and precision: it alters genomes at precise sites and without inserting foreign DNA. This is why, in popular articles, gene-editing is often referred to as ‘tweaking’.

The tweaking narrative, however, is an assumption and not an established fact. And it recently suffered a large dent. In late July researchers from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) analysed the whole genomes of two calves originally born in 2016. The calves were edited by the biotech startup Recombinetics using a gene-editing method called TALENS (Norris et al., 2019). The two Recombinetics animals had become biotech celebrities for having a genetic change that removed their horns. Cattle without horns are known as ‘polled’. The calves are well-known because Recombinetics has insisted that its two edited animals were extremely precisely altered to possess only the polled trait.

However, what the FDA researchers found was not precision. Each of Recombinetics’ calves possessed two antibiotic resistance genes, along with other segments of superfluous bacterial DNA. Thus, apparently unbeknownst to Recombinetics, adjacent to its edited site were 4,000 base pairs of DNA that originated from the plasmid vector used to introduce the DNA required for the hornless trait.

The FDA finding has attracted some media attention; mainly focussed on the incompetence of Recombinetics. The startup failed to find (or perhaps look for) DNA it had itself added as part of the editing process. Following the FDA findings, Brazil terminated a breeding program begun with the Recombinetics animals.

These findings have not been reported in the scientific or popular media. But they are of great consequence from a biosafety perspective and therefore for the commercial and regulatory landscape of gene-editing. They imply, at the very least, the need for strong measures to prevent contamination by stray DNA, along with thorough scrutiny of gene-edited cells and gene-edited organisms. And, as the Recombinetics case suggests, these are needs that developers themselves may not meet.But FDA’s findings are potentially trivial besides another recent discovery about gene-editing: that foreign DNA from surprising sources can routinely find its way into the genome of edited animals. This genetic material is not DNA that was put there on purpose, but rather, is a contaminant of standard editing procedures….

944 Trillion Reasons Why The Fed Is Quietly Bailing Out Hedge Funds

On Friday, Minneapolis Fed president Neel Kashkari, who just two months earlier made a stunning proposal when he said that it was time for the Fed to pick up where the USSR left off and start redistributing wealth (at least Kashkari chose the proper entity: since the Fed has launched central planning across US capital markets, it would also be proper in the banana republic that the US has become, that the same Fed also decides who gets how much and the entire democracy/free enterprise/free market farce be skipped altogetherissued a challenge to “QE conspiracists” which apparently now also includes his FOMC colleague (and former Goldman Sachs co-worker), Robert Kaplan, in which he said “QE conspiracists can say this is all about balance sheet growth. Someone explain how swapping one short term risk free instrument (reserves) for another short term risk free instrument (t-bills) leads to equity repricing. I don’t see it.

To the delight of Kashkari, who this year gets to vote and decide the future of US monetary policy yet is completely unaware of how the plumbing underneath US capital markets actually works, we did so for his benefit on Friday, although we certainly did not have to: after all, the “central banks’ central bank”, the Bank for International Settlements, did a far better job than we ever could in its December 8 report, “September stress in dollar repo markets: passing or structural?”, which explained not just why the September repo disaster took place on the supply side (i.e., the sudden, JPMorgan-mediated liquidity shortage at the “top 4” commercial banks which prevented them from lending into the repo market)…

… but also on the demand side, which as Claudo Borio, head of the monetary and economic department at the BIS, explained was the result “high demand for secured (repo) funding from non-bank financial institutions, such as hedge funds heavily engaged in leveraging up relative value trades.

Incidentally, we harbor a slight suspicion that Kashkari, who also admitted to “finding amusement in needling critics calling them conspiracists or goldbugs” (which is a delightfully ironic statement for a person responsible for the biggest asset bubble in history, and one which we are confident in 1-2 years time he would love to retract), was being disingenuous and knows exactly how the Fed is impacting markets, because in what was perhaps the most important news last week which flew under the radar, the WSJ reported that the Fed was considering lending cash directly to – i.e., bailing out – hedge funds, or as we put it, “Fed officials are considering a new tool to ease repo market stress: namely bypassing the existing system entirely, and lending cash directly to smaller banks, securities dealers and hedge funds through the repo market’s clearinghouse, the Fixed Income Clearing Corp., or FICC.

And so we once again get to the real issue at hand, namely the bailout of those hedge funds which even the BIS said were on the verge of failure had the repo market not been unfrozen – and which the Fed was all too aware of – and had the massive leverage that some hedge funds operate under collapsed, forcing an unprecedented liquidation cascade….

“Over time, whoever controls the money system, controls the nation.”

The American Monetary Institute is a publicly supported charity founded in 1996.

The real outcomes in society – whether there will be general economic justice or corrupt financial privileges for the few – are usually determined by the structure of a society’s monetary system.

130,000+ to protest gun control in Virginia

Second Amendment groups heading a planned protest and rally of potentially 130,000 supporters Monday in Richmond, Virginia, are warning members to be on the lookout for agitators “invited” by gun control advocates to stir up violence and discredit their effort.

In an alert sent by one of the groups leading the “lobbying day” effort, supporters were advised to look the other way should counterprotesters challenge them.

“If someone tries to provoke you, smile and walk away. There is probably someone secretly recording the interaction, with the intent of capturing some kind of inappropriate reaction on your part. Don’t take the bait. It’s not worth the bad press,” said the alert from the Virginia Citizens Defense League, which has conducted annual lobby day events peacefully since 2002.

On Wednesday, Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam declared an emergency around the state capital for the Monday event, declaring that there “are considered credible threats” of violence, but he didn’t give details. As a result, guns are banned in the area, even by those who have legal concealed carry permits.

VCDL and others, however, said that they have heard of no threats, especially by gun owners, and suggested the governor was instigating leftist protesters. It is also eyeing a challenge to Northam’s temporary ban….

Antifa Group Plans To March Alongside Pro-Gun Protesters In Virginia

A diverse gathering of pro-gun protestors set to descend upon Virginia’s capital on Monday could include an unlikely ally, a local antifa group.

In what Vice called a “bizarre meeting of the minds,” Richmond-based Antifa Seven Hills also strongly opposes the gun measures now likely to become law since Democrats won control of both Virginia houses last year, and they too want Democratic leaders in Richmond to know.

“I think it’s been pretty important for us to focus on the fact that gun control in America has a legacy of racist enforcement,” an Antifa Seven Hills spokesperson called James, a self-identified anarchist who withheld his real name for fear of getting doxxed, told Vice. “Like taking guns away from black people, because black people were perceived as a threat to property and the sanctity of the state.”

“This is our fight as much as anyone else’s,” James continued. “It’s our state, and we are left largely out of the debate. The presence of an armed left is not discussed, it’s not understood.”

To the “armed left,” gun control represents the rise of a police state and the oppression of minorities made powerless by disarmament, but it’s a class issue as well….