Casting Call for Crisis Actors in VA, As Governor Declares State of Emergency

“Crisis actors” are people they hire to show up when an event is planned to create a demand for gun control.

Virginia has an open casting call right now for “crisis actors”…at the same time a massive pro gun rally is to take place. AMISSVILLE. VA – SEEKING ACTORS FOR ONGOING “LIVE” ROLE PLAYING PROJECT – CURRENT – PAID LINK

Pentagon Confirms ISIS Resurgent In Libya At Moment Turkey Transfers 2,000 Syrian Fighters

This might come as a surprise to the broader American public and a mainstream media which has largely ignored recent escalating events in Libya, but guess who’s back?

“The Donald Trump administration is seeing a “small” resurgence in the Islamic State’s numbers in Libya since strongman Khalifa Hifter began a bloody march on the capital Tripoli more than two months ago, the Pentagon’s second-ranking military official said” reports Al-Monitor’s Pentagon correspondent.

The Pentagon official, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Paul Selva, described the currently stalemated fight for Tripoli between Benghazi-based Gen. Khalifa Haftar and the UN-recognized and Turkey-backed GNA in the capital as giving breathing space for the Islamic State’s return to the country.

Within the past three years, amid the chaos in the wake of the US-NATO 2011 war which toppled Gaddafi, ISIS actually had a stronghold in the coastal city of Sirte before being booted by US-backed Libyan forces.

But now, as General Paul Selva explains: “Because they’re now going after one another in the capital, it’s actually taking their attention off of IS and we’ve seen a small resurgence of those [IS] camps in the central region.” Alarmingly, per Al-Monitor’s report, this gives an opening for ISIS to become a “third party” in the war:

US troops helping to fight IS in Libya left the country in April as security conditions deteriorated. Selva said he worried about IS becoming a “third party in the fight in Libya.”

These dire statements also follow on the heels of US ally King Abdullah of Jordan warning while attending a NATO conference in Belgium that ISIS is indeed on the rise in Libya and now sits closer than ever to Europe’s shores. He specifically identified Turkey’s efforts to transfer Syrian ‘rebel’ militants from FSA factions to Libya as potentially fueling the crisis.

ISIS attack on Libyan foreign ministry building (GNA) in Tripoli, Libya in 2018. Image source: Reuters

New reporting in The Guardian confirms that some two thousand Syrian militants are already en route with Turkish military support:

Two thousand Syrian fighters have traveled from Turkey or will arrive imminently to fight on the battlefields of Libya, Syrian sources in all three countries have said, in an unprecedented development that threatens to further complicate the north African state’s intractable civil war.

The deployment came after Turkey agreed last month to come to the aid of the Libyan prime minister, Fayez al-Sarraj, who is backed by the UN, in the face of a months-long campaign by his rival, the warlord Khalifa Haftar.

We previously described this as a jihadists and arms “rat line” in reverse of sorts. It must be remembered that both Turkish and US intelligence oversaw the transfer of both heavy weaponry and jihadist fighters to Syria from already war-torn Libya for the purpose of toppling Assad in the early years of the Syrian war. It’s just now the jihadist pipeline across the Mediterranean has been reversed. …

The Guardian report also details that the Syrian mercenaries are getting paid significant sums via Turkish state coffers to deploy in support of the Tripoli government, which Ankara has long backed against Haftar:

The fighters have signed six-month contracts directly with the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA), rather than with the Turkish military, SNA sources said, for $2,000 (£1,500) a month – a vast sum compared with the 450-550 Turkish lira (£52-£72) a month they earn in Syria. All have been promised Turkish nationality, a carrot Ankara has used to cajole fighters in brigades on its payroll for several years.

And at least four Syrian FSA militants have already died during recent fighting in Libya:

Turkey is also paying medical bills for injured soldiers and is responsible for repatriating the dead to Syria. At least four Syrians have died in Libya already, the Guardian can confirm…

Though again long ignored in the media (which has by and larged “moved on” after Obama and Hillary’s so-called “liberation” of the country from Gaddafi), the Libya War 2.0 is set to possibly be 2020’s biggest conflict alongside the potential for the Iran situation to explode further.

* * *

“We came, we saw, he died!”… Thanks Hillary.

Declassified Emails Reveal NATO Killed Gaddafi to Stop Libyan Creation of Gold-Backed Currency

Health freedom advocates successfully kill New Jersey bill that sought to eliminate religious vaccine exemptions

The power of We the People was on full display in New Jersey the other day as health freedom advocates declared victory against the tyrannical politicians there who’ve been trying to eliminate the Garden State’s religious exemption clause for “mandatory” vaccination.

S2173 is officially dead in the water thanks to the tireless dedication of all the informed moms and dads across the state who bravely stood up for health freedom, despite being relentlessly shamed, intimidated, and threatened by the pro-vaccine mafia.

While the lawmakers behind this push to end religious exemptions from vaccination can still reintroduce their bill during the next legislative session, much of the momentum is now gone, not to mention the fact that more people know about it and will be on watch to strike it down again, if necessary.

In case you missed some of the footage, these health freedom folks were fired up, to say the least, protesting for days on end against this egregious attempt by corrupt New Jersey politicians to force all parents in the state to jab their children with untested chemicals that could seriously injure or kill them, should they be among the unlucky ones.

At the same time, the political establishment is also fired up, as Senate President Stephen Sweeney, a Democrat from Gloucester, promised that he and his pro-vax colleagues are “ready to go to war with this.”

“We’re going to start attacking this issue a hell of a lot different,” this tyrant announced after the bill was killed.

“We’re going to attack it with medical experts and putting the facts out and taking them head on with their challenges, because the statements that they make are absolutely untrue. We will pass this bill,” he declared.

By now, you’re probably starting to see why deep state swamp monsters like Sweeney want our guns so badly: Because an armed population is much more difficult to control, abuse and victimize than an unarmed one.

To be clear, none of the health freedom advocates who stood outside the Senate chambers in the frigid cold making their voices heard had to procure any firearms in order to kill S2173. But just knowing that many of these people may have been “packing heat” could have played a role in sending a clear message to Sweeney and his fellow cronies that American patriots mean business.

Last we checked, there are no provisions in the United States Constitution that allow politicians to force American citizens to be injected with chemical cocktails of aborted human fetal tissue, aluminum, mercury (Thimerosal), squalene, Polysorbate 80, cancer-causing viral fragments, or any of the other deadly poisons being masqueraded as “medicine.” But this is what domestic terrorists like Sweeney are attempting to legitimize by passing bogus bills to abolish health freedom.

“We’re either going to get it done now or we’re going to get it done in the next session,” Sweeney is further quoted as saying, like some kind of authoritarian dictator who thinks the people of New Jersey are his slaves, when in fact he’s supposed to be working for them. “But by all means, this is getting done.”

“It’s the right health care policy and it’s based on science – unlike what they’re chanting and saying,” he concluded, referring to the health freedom advocates who told him and his fellow Big Pharma sellouts to hit the road….

Obviously “science” is for sale to the highest bidder.

‘World Economy Would Collapse’ If City of London Stopped Laundering Money, Says HSBC Whistleblower

Britain is due to leave the European Union later this month but there is no sign of banks quitting the City of London, one of the main claims made by Remainers in the run-up to the Brexit referendum. But are the wheels of the City of London only kept turning by laundered money?

Nicholas Wilson, a financial services whistleblower who was fired by UK law firm, Weightmans, after exposing millions of pounds in unfair customer charges, claims the City of London relies on “dirty money” and says the world economy would collapse if the City stopped laundering it.

Mr Wilson, a former litigation manager, said: “The EU wanted to tighten up on money laundering and the UK was the only country who voted against it.”

He said: “Capitalism relies on a swash of dirty money which is moved around and supports investment around the world.”…

Needless to say wall street is a key player in the business.  Maybe we should have a prisoner appreciation day for all the non-violent drug “offenders” who help keep the financial system afloat.

The CIA and the Crack Cocaine Epidemic

Professor Explains Why He Believes Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Doesn’t Make Sense

This idea is heretical in the academic community so this professor is very courageous to voice his point of view. Darwin’s theory is just that – a theory – and it was designed to establish science as the new religion, a religion that the materialists could use to run the world.

In Brief:

  • The Facts:Darwin’s Theory of Evolution has, for a great many scientists, become relatively obsolete in the face of new research into the creation and generation of life.
  • Reflect On:Can we see that the belief in the randomness of the creation and evolution of life, as posited by Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, is a limitation on human progress and no longer serving us in our collective evolution?…

Read more here:

CNN, Warren’s Sexism Jibe Against Sanders Backfires as #CNNisTrash Trends on Twitter

The top three trends on Twitter Wednesday morning across the United States were #CNNisTrash, #NeverWarren, and #WarrenIsaSnake.

CNN has been widely criticized for its perceived bias in moderating yesterday’s Democratic presidential debate in Iowa. With just three weeks before the first primaries, six leading candidates descended upon Des Moines last night to take part. But, as with previous debates, much of the public discussion centered on the organization, framing and bias of the organizers and moderators.

CNN asked Bernie Sanders, the most left-leaning of the candidates, if he thought he “owed voters an explanation” on how much his health plan would cost them and demanded to know “how will he avoid bankrupting the country” when implementing Medicare for All. Meanwhile, on trade, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was questioned about a new deal with Canada and Mexico and asked “why is Sanders’ opposition to it wrong,” giving her a puff question with which to undermine Sanders.

Cenk Uygur


Framing on every question is massively right-wing. They just accused @BernieSanders of bankrupting country when his proposal costs LESS than current system! How come they don’t ask Biden if he’s comfortable with letting 45,000 a year people die under current system?

Like in previous debates, CNN continually framed issues in a conservative manner, accepting right-wing talking points as true and attacking the left. While it appeared alarmed about the cost of a healthcare system that virtually every other advanced country in the world employs (and at a much cheaper price than a privatized American system), CNN asked 27 questions about the American military presence in the Middle East without even once considering how the U.S. would pay for these wars. Host Wolf Blitzer even tried to associate Sanders with Ayatollah Khamenei, noting that they have both called for American troops to leave the region, something that, in Blitzer’s estimation, led to the rise of ISIS. An exasperated Sanders laughed at the assertion before cautioning the American public about starting another “disastrous” war….

The bias in moderation reached comical levels for many when the candidates were asked about Warren’s assertions. Sanders was asked “You’re saying that you never told Senator Warren that a woman could not win the election,” to which he responded, “That is correct.” The moderator, Abby Phillip, immediately switched to Warren to ask “what did you think when Senator Sanders told you a woman could not win the election?” The blatant, childish attempt to redefine her hotly disputed assertion as a fact within one sentence drew hoots of laughter from the crowd, and Bernie alike, who all immediately noticed the rhetorical trick CNN was trying to play. Even Warren let out an embarrassed smile as she answered: “I disagreed.”…

While they wring their hands about budget priorities and social (control) issues, no one on the left OR the right is talking about the fraudulent reserve and fictional reserve banking.   The interest on the conjured “federal debt” has cost nearly $12T since 1988 and financed the political, economic and social destabilization of the country.   Utterly fake news and fake politics.  This alone is enough to walk away from both.

Kucinich was the last democrat to talk about the elephant in the living room.   I guess he’s lucky to be alive, unless you believe in the paper-thin illusion of the rule of law.

Kucinich doesn’t understand that this country has been slated for demolition to enrich our luciferian overlords.   Even if you’ve managed to miss the whistleblowers like Fitts, or the leaks about Obama’s intention to “kill” the dollar ( ), or the export of our industrial infrastructure, or the lucrative business model of disaster capitalism, it’s hard to miss the decades-long deterioration of our infrastructure and education system, and the ongoing medical assault on our children, who were never intended to be informed and educated citizens of a first-world economy or democracy.  And all of this has been happening under a bipartisan consensus without a peep out of our “free press”.   Trump’s election is only a temporary delay in this agenda.   This is why he is being impeached.

Wake up please.

Fox Fired Glenn Beck After He Exposed the Federal Reserve

The Most Beautiful Beings Have Empathy

By Dr. Mark Sircus

Listening to the being of another is the highest act of caring. To listen to the level of being or soul we must be “feeling” with the other person. We must be “feeling” one with their inner world. This is the essence of empathy. Empathy is the pure understanding of what others are experiencing and feeling. When we have shed our preconceived ideas and judgments about life and people we open up the heart that has this special capacity to empathize with another.

The most beautiful beings listen deeply and are powerful with their vulnerabilities. In face, we find that the greatest gift a therapist can give a patient is their vulnerability because when the gift is given it more easily opens the doors to the patients vulnerabilities. This goes equally for personal intimate relationships of the heart…

Read the full article at

Google Deletes Press TV from YouTube

Without warning, tech giant Google “permanently removed” Iranian government-owned media channel Press TV UK’s YouTube channel Monday night amid increasing American hostility to Iran.

“This attack on the freedom of speech of Press TV’s journalists seems to be part of an anti-Iran purge as the West sets its sights on regime change in Iran,” Press TV said. Its content, in its own words, focuses on “anti-imperialism, anti-racism, and covers aspects of the news which the mainstream corporate media in the United Kingdom have refused to air.”

The London-based outlet had over 28,000 subscribers on its YouTube account at the time of its deletion.

British-Sudanese journalist Ahmed Kaballo accused Google of acting like the “judge jury and executioner” for his employer’s channel, expressing his great disappointment that his journalistic output is now gone and his worry at “what this really represents” for alternative media that “show a different perspective and holds a critical lens” on war and empire.

MintPress News reached out to Kaballo for comment. “The actions of Google in the last 24 hours has made me lose hope in the idea of free press and free speech,” he said. “Journalism is about pushing the boundaries and being fearless in our reporting but in this climate where they can do this to us in this fashion, it’s clear that our perspective. which is overtly anti-imperialist, is, in the eyes of Google, simply not allowed.”

After online pushback, by Wednesday morning UK time, Google had reversed its decision. However, just as Press TV was celebrating its reinstatement, it was again taken off the air. YouTube sent a message to Press TV UK claiming that they had received a complaint about the channel and decided that it violates their terms of service. Kaballo described the political hokey pokey his organization was under as “psychological warfare.”

Press TV says the move is “part of an anti-Iran purge as the West sets its sights on regime change in Iran.” It comes in the context of the Trump administration’s assassination of Lt. General Qassem Soleimani January 3, while he was in Iraq attending peace talks. In response, Iran launched dozens of ballistic missiles at U.S.-occupied military bases in Iraq, although it was careful to warn the U.S. of the attack beforehand. As a result, there were no deaths. The Iraqi parliament also immediately voted to expel all American troops from the country. However, the U.S. refused to leave….