Texas Governor Announces the State Will Not Be Accepting Any More Refugees – First in Nation


Refugees can become very expensive – not only financially but in other ways as well.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced that the state will not be participating in the federal refugee resettlement program, becoming the first state in the nation to do so.

Governor Abbott cited concerns about the border as part of his decision to decline allowing refugees to resettle in the state.

The Texas newspaper Statesman reported on Friday that in a letter to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Abbott said he “cannot consent to initial refugee resettlement” in 2020.

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Cultural Engineering the USA: Migration of Honduran Refugees from US Corporate Plunder

Disaster socialism and the Cloward-Piven Strategy

Corruption in Global Health Care May Exceed $1 Trillion

Story at-a-glance

  • Dishonesty and fraud in the health care system, including its academic and research communities, are significant barriers to the implementation of universal health coverage, yet this corruption is rarely if ever discussed, let alone addressed in any meaningful way
  • The less transparent a health system is, the more corrupt it becomes. Weak adherence to the rule of law and few accountability mechanisms further invite corruption and, with it, health system performance, quality and efficiency plummet
  • The amount of corruption found in any given system is dependent on three variables: Monopoly on the supply of a product or service, the level of discretion enjoyed by suppliers, and the supplier’s accountability to others
  • Three factors governing the engagement in corrupt practices in the health care system are: being in a position of power; financial, peer and/or personal pressures; and cultural acceptance of corruption. In order for anticorruption measures to succeed, these three factors all need to be addressed
  • Drug research is beset by an astoundingly high incidence rate of scientific misconduct, with 72% of retracted drug studies being retracted due to things like data falsification, fabrication, unethical conduct and plagiarism

Read the entire article at https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/01/08/global-health-care-corruption.aspx

The Fed Can’t Reverse the Decline of Financialization and Globalization

The global economy and financial system are both running on the last toxic fumes of financialization and globalization.
For two generations, globalization and financialization have been the two engines of global growth and soaring assets. Globalization can mean many things, but its beating heart is the arbitraging of the labor of the powerless, and commodity, environmental and tax costs by the powerful to increase their profits and wealth.
In other words, globalization is the result of those at the top of the wealth-power pyramid shifting capital around the world to exploit lower costs of labor, commodities, environmental regulations and taxes.
This manifests as offshoring of jobs, the stripmining of forests, minerals, etc., the degradation of local ecosystems, the decline of tax revenues derived from capital and the explosive rise in stock market valuations as wages stagnate or decline.
A key element in globalization is the transfer of risk from the owners of capital to the workers and public resources. Examples of this transfer of risk abound: rather than pay workers benefits, corporations game part-time/full-time labor laws so workers’ health insurance is paid by taxpayers (Medicaid). Corporations pay wages too low to survive so workers depend on public-sector assistance (food stamps, etc.)
Rather than provide vehicles to workers who drive for a living, corporations such as Uber and Lyft transfer all the risks of ownership, maintenance and enterprise to the drivers. And so on.
Financialization is the exploitation of assets/income that were previously safe from predation by those with access to low-cost central bank credit. While definitions vary, mine is:
Financialization is the mass commoditization of debt collaterized by previously unsecuritized assets, a pyramiding of risk and speculation that is only possible in a massive expansion of low-cost credit and leverage for those at the top of the wealth-power pyramid: financiers, banks and corporations.
One example is the student loan “industry,” which prior to financialization did not exist. A previously safe from predation asset/source of income–college degrees–has been securitized so that loans issued to students for largely worthless diplomas can be sold globally as “secure assets with guaranteed yields.”
That the exploited class of students have little to no income and no guarantee of income doesn’t matter. What matters is a previously unexploited asset can be turned into debt that can be sold at an immense profit.
And so student loan debt has skyrocketed from near-zero to $1.6 trillion in less than a generation. This rapacious, ruthless exploitation would not have been possible without the central bank (Federal Reserve) and federal government enabling and enforcing the supremacy of private capital and the predation of the higher-education cartel.
The subprime mortgage loan bubble was another example of financialization: a previously inaccessible asset/income–the earnings of households with poor credit ratings–was suddenly available for exploitation, and guaranteed-to-default subprime mortgages were packaged with lower-risk mortgages and sold globally as “secure assets with guaranteed yields.”
That this was outright fraud didn’t matter to either the Federal Reserve or federal government.
Alas, all good predations end when the herd of prey has been dragged to the ground and consumed. All the fruit of financialization and globalization have been plucked by the powerful, and now both the engines of “growth” are sputtering.
The Federal Reserve and other central banks enabled this exploitation, but they’re powerless to extend it: central banks can create nearly free credit for the powerful, but they can’t conjure up new herds to be preyed upon.
As a result, the global economy and financial system are both running on the last toxic fumes of financialization and globalization, the final extremes of exploitation and predation as the pack of predators has exploded in size and influence while the herd of prey has been decimated.
In the dying light of the predators’ last feast, the Fed is worshipped as an omnipotent entity with god-like powers to levitate markets higher forever. But since the Fed is powerless to restore the upward trajectory of financialization and globalization, its omnipotence is about to expire.
The prey always seem limitless to the predators, but this illusion expires when suddenly there is no longer enough for the ravenous pack of financial predators. At that point, the predators turn on each other. That is the narrative that will come to the fore in 2020 and play out in the decade ahead.


New Oral Polio Vaccine to Bypass Key Clinical Trials

Health officials are rushing a genetically engineered product into the field to counter uncontained outbreaks of vaccine-derived polio.

To stem a growing polio crisis, health officials are accelerating the development of a new oral vaccine with plans for emergency approval and deployment in regions with active polio transmission as early as June 2020. The new vaccine, called nOPV2, might conclusively end the outbreaks, caused by the live virus in the vaccine reverting to a virulent form. But expedited approval means skipping the real-world testing of large clinical trials.

Instead, key questions about the vaccine’s effectiveness will be answered in the field.

“The nOPV strains have been tested in a small number of volunteers and we do not see reversion to neurovirulence,” says Vincent Racaniello, a virologist at Columbia University, “but when they are used for mass immunization of millions of individuals, rare events can become evident.”…

Because of the compressed approval and deployment timeline, nOPV2 may be used in millions of kids beginning in mid-2020….

Nowadays, cases of polio caused by vaccine-derived strains outnumber those caused by the wild virus–and they continue to spread unchecked, most recently from the Phillipines to Malaysia. Vaccine-derived polio threatens as many as 210 million children globally, according to the World Health Organization. Using the reversion-prone Sabin type 2 vaccine to fight outbreaks caused more new outbreaks than it stopped, a virologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told Science earlier this year….


New recommendations released on bedsharing to promote breastfeeding

Leading experts representing The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM) have released new evidence-based recommendations regarding the benefits and risks of bedsharing for mother-infant pairs who have initiated breastfeeding and are in home settings. The new protocol is published in Breastfeeding Medicine, the official journal of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine.

In “Bedsharing and Breastfeeding,” Peter Blair and colleagues cite published evidence to support the overall conclusion that close nighttime proximity facilitates  duration and exclusivity. Safe bedsharing is possible and the existing evidence does not support the conclusion that bedsharing among breastfeeding infants causes sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in the absence of known hazards. Hazardous circumstances include sleeping with an adult on a sofa or armchair; sleeping next to an adult impaired by alcohol, medications, or ; tobacco exposure; ; and never having initiated breastfeeding.

The protocol emphasizes that all parents should be educated on safe bedsharing, with the understanding that bedsharing is very common, and when bedsharing is unplanned, it carries a higher risk than planned bedsharing. …