Vaccine Subterfuge in Samoa

The basic idea here is that the consequences of imposed malnutrition are used to hoax the public into getting injected with occult potions provided by their oppressors.  What could go wrong?

Improved nutrition and sanitation are the reasons for the fall in infectious disease rates last century.   See Suzanne Humphries book “Dissolving Illusions”.   For some reason our satanic overlords have insisted on having direct access to our bloodstreams for a very long time.

The prime minister of Samoa has spoken openly about his vaccine injured grandchild. Recently they suspended measles vaccination when two children (in a country of under 200,000 people) died from vaccination. The country had very low vaccination rates.

Pharma kicked in to gear. They cannot abide dissidents in their empire, and any emperor knows, you don’t just shut up a dissident, you destroy them and their entire support system.

They sent a bunch of vaccines to the island and started vaccinating and all of a sudden a bunch of kids came down with measles. So far, over sixty have died following vaccination. In a country of fewer than 200,000. It is being presented to the world as a measles outbreak that is killing the children. What is not being disclosed is that all the dead children were vaccinated shortly before they died.

Long story short, they have turned the entire country into a police state overnight. They are force vaccinating everybody in the country and imprisoning the people who help them heal from the resultant injuries.

This is play number one out of the imperial playbook. It is the last thing an astute healer would do.

Elliott Freed

Just before my phone gets taken 1000mg vit C sodium ascorbate taken dissolved in 1/4 cup water every 3 hours. This will save your kids. They should be on their feet in 16 hours. Then start vitamin A for repair of damaged tissue.

Save our kids. Nobody should have died. This is the greatest crime against our people by our own people.

God Bless Samoa. Please stop this madness.

December 4

Well its come to this . All the parents i have have helped sorry i couldn’t do more.

Leading anti-vaccine activist arrested