U.S. Aims To Name Russia A State Sponsor Of Terrorism

The US may name Russia a state sponsor of terrorism This is a new level of the deterioration of relations. If this is done, the relations will be damaged even further.

On December 11th, the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations is to consider a bill that could potentially designate Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism.”

The bill was proposed by Republican Senator Cory Gardner on April 11th, 2019.

If it is approved and pushed forward by the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, “S. 1189: Stopping Malign Activities from Russian Terrorism Act” needs to be voted in the US Senate, and House of Representatives.

If it passes those steps, it needs to be signed into law by US President Donald Trump.

If all that takes place, then the bill would enforce the following:

“To require the Secretary of State to determine whether the Russian Federation should be designated as a state sponsor of terrorism and whether Russian-sponsored armed entities in Ukraine should be designated as foreign terrorist organizations.”…


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