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 Dear Listeners, Supporters and Subscribers,

We haven’t sent out a Guns and Butter Newsletter in a couple of months due to the uncertainty of the situation at the Pacifica Radio Network. We are happy to announce that WBAI, Pacifica’s New York City station, is back on the air broadcasting. Guns and Butter is aired on WBAI in its regular Wednesday 9:00 am eastern time slot. We are presently busy fundraising for the New York station.

WBAI in New York City was ILLEGALLY hijacked for an entire month by a cabal of bad actors that included the recently appointed INTERIM Executive Director of the Pacifica National Foundation (now on mandated leave), along with a small group of Pacifica Director enablers, and aided by KPFA General Manager, Quincy McCoy. I am told that it was McCoy who narrated the canned “Pacifica Across America” tape that was put on WBAI’s airwaves by the coup plotters. WBAI has prevailed on all counts in court.

There appears to be a long-standing attempt by insiders in and around KPFA in Berkeley, California, to destroy the Pacifica Radio Network by selling off other stations. Many people feel that WBAI was only the first target of this group. The Pacifica signal licenses are very valuable.

There are many, many dedicated Pacifica supporters who have tirelessly defended the network, and will continue to do so. Since there is a history of attempted political takeovers at Pacifica, the last successful one dating back to 1999, it’s a constant struggle. We at Guns and Butter support our New York station, WBAI, and we hope that you will as well.

For a detailed account of what has transpired at Pacifica for the last couple of months visit Pacifica in Exile website for more details….

We are busy producing new programs on the history of the war on terror, new 9/11 research, Palestine/Israel, the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, the hidden history of WWI, and many other important subjects.

Guns and Butter is heard every Wednesday at 9:00 am eastern on WBAI in New York City at 99.5FM and streamed live at Guns and Butter is carried by well over 30 Pacifica affiliates nationwide and abroad, and archived at, and other websites. We are catching up with transcripts of all shows which will be posted on our website and others.

We need your financial help to sustain our programming, most especially during this extremely difficult time of alternative media censorship, and we thank you for your support. Thank you to everyone who has signed up for monthly sustainable contributions, and to those of you who have made one-time donations. We cannot express enough our gratitude. As always, your donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.  Guns and Butter is a project of Inquiring Systems, a registered 501(c)(3) that has been providing non-profit status to socially responsible organizations since 1978.

Thank you again for your overwhelming positive support.

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