Gloria Steinem Discussing Her Time in the CIA

It’s ludicrous to think the CIA would fund any activist who was not in service to its agenda.    Does this mean they’re in favor of the human and civil rights of women?   Don’t be silly.   They TORTURE women who get in the way of the empire.

They specialize in destabilization: inducing chaos in order to dismantle existing social structures and impose a new social system more to their liking.   Structurally speaking, it seems to me the biggest outcome of Steinem’s brand of feminism was the wholesale abandonment of children to the state as women gave up on their PTSD’d and sexually/emotionally castrated husbands and sought meaning in the bowels of the planetary factory without a commensurate doubling of family income.    This had numerous benefits for the owners of the world in terms of cheapening the cost of labor, increasing economic production, increased taxation and interest payments due to separation and divorce, and of course increased access to children’s minds.   The ultimate goal of the overlords is elimination of all independent social interaction.   Everyone is to find meaning, success and “guidance” through their personal relationship with the state.

Naturally such totalitarian efficiency renders vast numbers of peasants economically redundant, while the “brittleness” of the resulting economic monoculture renders the entire system vulnerable to catastrophic collapse from even minor perturbations (such as a bug in “just in time” food distribution software) which would hardly affect more diverse and distributed autonomous systems.

The War on Empathy, Love and Family


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