DRC: Four Ebola-response workers killed in attacks

Four people working for the Ebola containment effort in the Democratic Republic of the Congo were killed overnight Thursday in attacks on two locations where response teams were operating. Another six people were injured in the violence, forcing the World Health Organization and partner agencies to withdraw staff from a strategically critical location, a senior WHO official said.

The attack was the deadliest yet during a 17-month outbreak in which response workers have been frequently targeted for violence, said Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s emergencies program, speaking with reporters from Geneva.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus condemned the attacks.

“These constant attacks must stop,” Tedros, as he is known, said in a video the WHO distributed on social media. “We call on everyone who has a role to play to end this cycle of violence.”…


What could account for such hostility?   Is it really just random bleed-over from the ongoing conflict(s)?   I note that this article made no attempt to interview or discern why alleged aid recipients would be hostile to their alleged benefactors.   This is one side of a two-sided story.  It would be comforting to think the hostility was based on misunderstanding.  This could be an actual humanitarian aid operation which has been poisoned by widespread public awareness of the WHO’s vaccine sterilization program: http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2013/03/cdc-lying-about-safety-of-tetanus-vaccine-in-pregnancy/ and overall record of iatrogenic disease transmission: http://members.tranquility.net/~rwinkel/MGM/oldrefs/www.rsm.ac.uk/new/pr126.htm https://www.sfgate.com/health/article/DEADLY-NEEDLES-Fast-Track-to-Global-Disaster-2982689.php

Unfortunately there’s another explanation which is far more sinister, and which attributes rational motivations to the “natives”, something which western journalists are often loathe to do.   There’s no way to know for sure what’s going on, especially given the state of the media.   There would be no reason to raise this question if the pattern wasn’t so well established.

In any case:

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