Looks Like Boomers Didn’t Get Hepatitis C From Youthful Drug Use After All

A new study challenges the prevailing wisdom that high rates of hepatitis C virus (HCV) among members of the baby boom generation are a result of their youthful experimentation with drugs, unsafe tattooing and risky sex, aidsmap reports. Publishing their findings in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, researchers analyzed 45,316 sequences of genotype 1a of hep C, which is the dominant strain in North America.

The scientists concluded that hep C saw its greatest infection rates between 1940 and 1965. These rates tapered at the end of this period and plateaued between 1965 and 1989. The 1990s saw falling infection rates, and starting in 2000, the rates rose modestly.

These patterns suggest that, in fact, unsafe medical procedures are the root cause of the virus’s spread among baby boomers. This generation was too young during the period of the epidemic’s vast expansion for members to have largely contracted the virus from behaviors—including injection drug use—that are more common among young adults. Furthermore, the post–World War II era saw a great upswing in the number of medical procedures. Proper safety measures, such as the introduction of disposable syringes during the 1950s, were slower to come onto the scene.

Blood transfusions were likely largely responsible for transmissions between 1965 and 1989 given that thorough screening for hep C in the blood supply did not begin until 1992.

Increasing rates of injection drug use and sexual transmission of hep C among HIV-positive men who have sex with men (MSM) are likely behind the uptick in HCV transmission rates since 2000.

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The same thing has been happening in africa:




Biden “Considers” Obama For Supreme Court Nomination

Joe Biden’s campaign trip through eastern Iowa on Saturday was met with a rather unusual conversation with reporters.

The Wall Street Journal’s Ken Thomas said that reporters asked Biden in Washington, Iowa, if he would ever consider nominating former President Barack Obama to the Supreme Court if he was elected president in 2020.

Biden responded by saying: “If he’d take it, yes.” …


As if this exchange wasn’t pre-scripted among their respective puppeteers weeks in advance.

Having a (apparently legally illiterate: no one remembers him at columbia university) humanitarian bombing nobel peace prize winning brzezinski holdover CIA cutout on the supreme court would be the ultra-supreme pinnacle of something beyond description.

Brzezinski: It is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control them

Media’s Deafening Silence On Latest WikiLeaks Drops Is Its Own Scandal

This is getting really, really, really weird.

WikiLeaks has published yet another set of leaked internal documents from within the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) adding even more material to the mountain of evidence that we’ve been lied to about an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria last year which resulted in airstrikes upon that nation from the US, UK and France.

This new WikiLeaks drop includes an email from the OPCW Chief of Cabinet Sebastien Braha (who is reportedly so detested by organisation inspectors that they code named him “Voldemort”) throwing a fit over the Ian Henderson Engineering Assessment which found that the Douma incident was likely a staged event. Braha is seen ordering OPCW staff to “remove all traces, if any, of its delivery/storage/whatever” from the organisation’s secure registry.

The drop also includes the minutes from an OPCW toxicology meeting with “three Toxicologists/Clinical pharmacologists, one bioanalytical and toxicological chemist”, all four of whom are specialists in chemical weapons analysis.

“With respect to the consistency of the observed and reported symptoms of the alleged victims with possible exposure to chlorine gas or similar, the experts were conclusive in their statements that there was no correlation between symptoms and chlorine exposure,” the document reads.

According to the leaked minutes from the toxicology meeting, the chief expert offered “the possibility of the event being a propaganda exercise” as one potential explanation for the Douma incident. The other OPCW experts agreed that the key “take-away message” from the meeting was “that the symptoms observed were inconsistent with exposure to chlorine and no other obvious candidate chemical causing the symptoms could be identified”.

Like all the other manymanymanymany different leaks which have been hemorrhaging from the OPCW about the Douma incident, none of the important information contained in these publications was included in any of the OPCW’s public reports on the matter. According to the OPCW’s Final Report published in March 2019, the investigative team found “reasonable grounds that the use of a toxic chemical as a weapon took place. This toxic chemical contained reactive chlorine. The toxic chemical was likely molecular chlorine.”

We now know that these “reasonable grounds” contain more holes than a spaghetti strainer executed by firing squad. This is extremely important information about an unsolved war crime which resulted in dozens of civilian deaths and led to an act of war which cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars and had many far-reaching geopolitical consequences.

Yet the mass media, freakishly, has had absolutely nothing to say about this extremely newsworthy story.

As of this writing, a Google News search for this story brings up an article by RT, another by Al-Masdar News, and some entries by alternative outlets you’ve almost certainly never heard of like UrduPoint News and People’s Pundit Daily.

Make no mistake about it: this is insane. The fact that an extremely important news story of immense geopolitical consequence is not getting any mainstream news media coverage, at all, is absolutely stark raving insane.

Up until the OPCW leaks, WikiLeaks drops always made mainstream news headlines. Everyone remembers how the 2016 news cycle was largely dominated by leaked Democratic Party emails emerging from the outlet. Even the relatively minor ICE agents publication by WikiLeaks last year, containing information that was already public, garnered headlines from top US outlets like The Washington Post , Newsweek, and USA Today. Now, on this exponentially more important story, zero coverage.

The mass media’s stone-dead silence on the OPCW scandal is becoming its own scandal, of equal or perhaps even greater significance than the OPCW scandal itself. It opens up a whole litany of questions which have tremendous importance for every citizen of the western world; questions like, how are people supposed to participate in democracy if all the outlets they normally turn to to make informed voting decisions adamantly refuse to tell them about the existence of massive news stories like the OPCW scandal? How are people meant to address such conspiracies of silence when there is no mechanism in place to hold the entire mass media to account for its complicity in it? And by what mechanism are all these outlets unifying in that conspiracy of silence?

We can at least gain some insight into that last question with the internal Newsweek emails which were published by journalist Tareq Haddad two weeks ago. The emails feature multiple Newsweek editors telling Haddad that they would not publish a word about the OPCW leaks for two reasons: (1) because no other outlets were reporting on them, and (2) because the US government-funded narrative management firm Bellingcat had published a laughably bogus article explaining why the leaks weren’t newsworthy. Haddad has since resigned from Newsweek.

We may be certain that this story is being killed in news rooms all around the world in similar fashion, and possibly using those very same excuses. As long as no other “respectable” (i.e. establishment) outlets are covering this story, it can be treated as a non-story, using a deceitful US government-funded narrative management operation as justification as needed. If one journalist threw his life into chaos and uncertainty by resigning and blowing the whistle on this conspiracy of silence, we may be certain that the same is happening to countless others who don’t have to courage and/or ability to do the same.

It’s absolutely amazing how tightly interlaced Bellingcat is with the upper echelons of mainstream news media and the public framing of what’s going on in Syria. Mere hours after the latest WikiLeaks drop, CNN pundit Brian Stelter shared an article about Bellingcat founder and former Atlantic Council Senior Fellow Eliot Higgins, who warns of the dangers posed by alternative media reporters who cover underreported stories like the OPCW scandal.

“We have this alternative media ecosystem that is driving a lot of disinformation. It is not understood by journalists or anyone really beyond a very small group of people who are really engaged with it,” reads the ironic Higgins quote in the excerpt shared by Stelter.

We’ve been seeing a mad rush from mass media pundits to give this US government-funded narrative management operation unearned and undeserved legitimacy, churning out tweets like Stelter’s and fawning puff pieces by The New York TimesThe Guardian and The New YorkerThis unearned and undeserved legitimacy is then used by editors to justify looking to Bellingcat for instructions on how to think about important information on Syria rather than doing their own basic investigation and analysis. It’s a self-validating feedback loop which just so happens to work out very conveniently for the government which funds Bellingcat.

It remains unknown exactly what’s transpiring in news rooms around the world to maintain the conspiracy of silence on the OPCW scandal, but what is known is that by itself this scandalous silence is enough to fully discredit the mass media forever. WikiLeaks has exposed these outlets for the monolithic propaganda engine that they really are, and they did it just by publishing extremely newsworthy leak after extremely newsworthy leak.

In order to perception manage us any harder, these freaks are going to have to go around literally confiscating our ears and eyeballs.


Wikileaks Still Publishing State Secrets as Founder Julian Assange “Slowly Dies” in Prison

Julian Assange is dying inside Belmarsh Prison in London. Those are his own words, relayed through English journalist Vaughan Smith, who revealed that the Wikileaks founder called him on Christmas Eve to share his greetings. Smith also divulged that Assange told him he is kept in solitary confinement 23 hours per day and is often sedated.

His treatment has elicited protests around the world, from journalists, news organizations, human rights groups and celebrities. Last week a group of Australian doctors asked Foreign Minister Marise Payne to evacuate Assange to an Australian hospital, citing his inhumane treatment. In a statement they said:

The potentially fatal medical consequences of prolonged psychological torture are inherently unpredictable, and could strike at any time. Accordingly, no doctor, no matter how senior, can offer any legitimate assurances regarding Julian Assange’s survival or medical stability while he continues to be held in Belmarsh Prison.”

His mother Christine also made a plea for her son to be released and allowed to return home to Australia with her.

“All I want for Christmas is my son Julian to be home safe with his family, under the protection of his country, to be free from this nine-year unlawful and brutal political persecution and to heal from the human rights abuses and torture which have damaged his mind and body,” she said.

Assange is currently facing extradition to the United States where he faces multiple charges, including soliciting and publishing classified information and conspiring to hack into a U.S. government computer. Ms. Assange was fearful of the consequences of the U.S. government capturing her son but was adamant he had done nothing wrong. “If he ends up in US hands, there will be a show trial and there will be nothing fair or just about it. He will never see the light of day again. He is accused of engaging in multi-award winning journalism, not hurting anyone” she said.

Assange originally worked with The Guardian to publish high-profile leaked documents. Yet the British newspaper later turned on him, publishing a series of questionable news reports about him that helped lay the groundwork for his arrest and imprisonment. A particularly infamous report published last year claimed that he held a series of meetings with former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and unnamed Russians inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where Assange was trapped for years. It reported as fact that they discussed breaking him out and publishing Hillary Clinton’s stolen emails.

The story was almost immediately exposed as a hoax based on information from a known charlatan who had previously burned The Guardian, and even its author, Luke Harding, with false information before. Yet it took The Guardian almost a year to review the article and admit that it was misleading, by which time the damage had been done and Assange was intimately linked with Russia in the public imagination.

Harding is a notorious RussiaGate proponent, writing a book called Collusion: How Russia Helped Trump Win the White House. Yet when challenged by journalist Aaron Maté, he was unable to defend even the title of his book, let alone its thesis, disconnecting the interview prematurely after being pressed on his claims.


A War on Whistleblowers

Assange’s treatment serves as an example to anyone who plans to challenge power and constitutes a continuation of President Obama’s war on whistleblowers. Chelsea Manning, who leaked the infamous Collateral Murder video, which showed U.S. military personnel massacring civilians, including Reuters journalists, in cold blood, has been re-incarcerated and faces a debt of nearly $500,000 for refusing to testify against the Wikileaks founder. Meanwhile, Edward Snowden remains exiled in Russia, claiming he would “likely die in prison for telling the truth” if he ever returned to the United States.

In addition to Manning’s leaks and publishing the Podesta emails, Wikileaks has revealed to the public shocking procedures at Guantanamo Bay, the dumping of toxic waste in Africa and the extent of the U.S. role in Yemen. It continues to expose information of great utility. Today it published documents showing high officials at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons ordered the deletion of all evidence that suggested civilians in Douma, Syria were not killed with chemical weapons, thereby laying the groundwork for U.S. intervention in Syria.

On the topic of Assange’s failing health, London based investigative reporter Matt Kennard stated that it was a major task for all journalists and engaged citizens in 2020 to save his life. If Assange dies in Belmarsh or is sent to meet his fate in the U.S., “we all lose a major slice of our freedom, one we’ll probably never get back. High stakes,” he said.


Democrats Promise Return to Green Medieval Serfdom

How long before questioning the objective science (or non-science) of “man made global warming” is treated as criminal hate speech?   Being accused of “hating the earth” by its real destroyers would be the ultimate irony wouldn’t it?

I have an idea for a more sustainable civilization: shut down fictional reserve banking, which has done more harm to the environment, human rights and sustainability than any other profitable fraud in history.   But such talk is universally verboten, which is a “bipartisan” tribute to the real powers of the world, the invisible transnational government.  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2017/03/fox-fired-glenn-beck-after-he-exposed-the-federal-reserve/

Imposed poverty is mass social control.    That’s what this is about.    Seriously, did you think the establishment actually cares about the environment?    Where is the evidence for that??   Have they ever told the truth about anything?   Isn’t it time to start asking who benefits?

If Joe Biden had been inclined to take a middle-of-the-road approach toward climate change, he’s abandoned it, judging by the proposal he unveiled Tuesday — an aggressive $1.7-trillion, 10-year plan to combat warming that goes considerably further than the environmental agenda of the Obama White House.

Climate change got relatively little attention in the 2016 campaign. By contrast, this year, there is almost a race by Democratic candidates to outdo one another in environmental ambition.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee argues that climate action must take precedence over everything else and has styled himself as the climate candidate. He calls for the U.S. to have an economy running 100% on renewable energy by 2035. Beto O’Rourke, trying to regain some forward motion in a seemingly stalled campaign, turned hard to climate action and swore off any fossil-fuel related campaign money after activists took note of all the oil industry workers who have donated to him.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders echoed the sentiment of many in the party at last weekend’s California Democratic Party convention when he declared that “we have got to make it clear that when the future of the planet is at stake, there is no ‘middle ground.’” The remark was a shot at Biden after a campaign aide to the former vice president suggested to Reuters last month that a middle ground on climate was exactly what Biden sought.

No one in the Biden campaign is saying that now.

In joining the scrum of prominent 2020 hopefuls who have made far-reaching climate action a central focus of their campaign, Biden, the front-runner for the party’s nomination, proposed cutting emissions of greenhouse gases to zero by 2050, a goal set out in the Green New Deal, the policy framework championed by the most progressive Democrats….

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg vowed to close all U.S. coal plants during a campaign stop in Virginia on Friday.

What a great way for Bloomberg to assure American voters that he is not just another rich, elitist, liberal who is completely out of step with the public [and the science -rw].

The Daily Mail reports:

Bloomberg boasts he’ll shut down EVERY US coal plant within a decade if he becomes President – but fails to say how he’ll help communities that will be impacted

Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg has unveiled a radical plan to completely eliminate coal-fired power plants by 2030.

The New York billionaire, 77, vowed Friday that he would close the country’s 251 coal plants within the next ten years should he become Commander-in-chief. However, he stopped short of revealing how he would help communities severely impacted by such closures.

Bloomberg made the announcement during a campaign stop in Virginia – a surprising choice given the state is considered the heart of coal country.

During the announcement, he also boasted that he had already ‘helped to close more than half the nation’s dirty coal plants.’…

In addition to eliminating coal-fired plants, Bloomberg vowed Friday to halt construction of 150 new gas facilities. Both plans are part of a bid to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030.

Haven’t Americans seen this movie before? Why yes. Yes, we have:


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