“Hillary Clinton’s Mysterious Malady” banned by YouTube – new location – please watch & share

The Shame Campaign channel was terminated from YouTube for unknown reasons, but there have been some who were offended by the “nudity” (of New Guinea natives who don’t wear tops). Who knows? It may be that Hillary is going to run again and the www is being cleared of anything that might stand between her and her goal. ? This video might do just that.

Click image to go to video
Hillary Clinton’s Mysterious Malady – now at Brighteon. Click on above photo to watch it.

So “Hillary Clinton’s Mysterious Malady” is now hosted at a different video server: Brighteon, the Mike Adams of Natural News website.  This is the new URL. Please watch it – again, if you have already watched it – because we need views to earn the right to upload more videos.

Watch, subscribe, thumbs up, comment – and tell your friends, families, Facebook contacts, Instagram, Twitter… everyone.  Thank you!  https://www.brighteon.com/aa7b0926-7810-4f02-8dfb-0d5b75ba376b

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