CIA urges ISIS to ignite forest fires across USA and Europe

ISIS is urging its followers to spark wildfires across the US and Europe, according to reports.

At least four propaganda posters have appeared on Quraysh, a pro-ISIS media outlet, urging followers to “ignite fires” in forests, The Washington Free Beacon says, citing The Middle East Media Research Institute.

“Ignite fires in the forests of America, France, Britain, and Germany, for they are painful to them,” one poster reads, according to the site.

The disturbing call comes as wildfires have devastated California. There has been no suggestion yet any were started by terrorists.

The first threat appeared in April, according to the research institute, which monitors radical groups….

Of course my headline is just crazy talk.   Even though ISIS was created, trained, funded, armed and deployed by NATO as an offshoot of the spectacularly successful al qaeda operation, and the CIA’s bankster controllers are trying very hard to push AGW as a rationale for global enforcement of carbon taxes over the dead bodies of the poor (as usual).   Widespread forest fires would be a useful psychological bludgeon for this purpose.

John McCain posing with Al-Baghdadi and friends:

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