University Woes: Academics and Scholarship in Crisis. The Managerial Class Gets Uppity

The university, in a global sense, is passing into a managerial oblivion.  There are a few valiant holdouts, but they have the luxury of history, time, and learning.  Cambridge and Oxford, for instance, still boast traditional academics, soaking erudition, and education as something more than a classroom brawl of the mind.  They can barricade themselves against the regulatory disease that has made imbeciles of administrators and cretins of the pretend academic class.  They can, for instance, rely on their colleges to fight the university, a concept so utterly alien to others.  Across Europe, the management structures wear heavily.  In the United States, the corporate university took hold decades ago.  Academics are retiring, committing suicide, and going on gardening leave.

In Australia, a more serious problem has become evident: You cannot expose the obvious.  You cannot, for instance, expose the evident plagiarism of colleagues.  You cannot expose corruption within the university, notably the sort that celebrates graft over industry.  You cannot discuss the decline in academic standards, or the purposeful lowering of admission levels.  The obvious, in a certain sense, is that standards will be lowered if there is a need for largesse and revenue.  The natural impulse of fat cat Vice-Chancellors is to cry foul that the government of the day has not forked out from the tax payer’s wallet.  Pay the university; fund more places.  Give us more funding, because we are teaching and research institutions.

The problem with this dubious formulation is that funding a university in its current, monstrous form is tantamount to giving a drug lord a state subsidy for a pool, a perk, or a prostitute.  (A suitable doctoral dissertation: Compare the rhetoric of Pablo Escobar with Australian university management from 2000 to 2019.  You won’t be disappointed.)  Vice-Chancellors of the university world are white collar criminals on par with bankers, and, like those bankers, claim they perform an invaluable service.  When they fail, they are simply moved on to another institution, leaving their sludge in ample supply.

The pro-vice chancellors, the deputies, the deputy-deputies and the deputies under them, are co-conspirators in an enterprise that robs students blind and plunders the goodwill of academic staff.  Never has there been a better case to start putting these types into re-education camps, the very sort that they wish academics who disagree with them to attend.  Apropos on that point, it is notable that universities in Australia love sending disagreeing and disagreeable academics to counsellors hired by the university itself.  Thought-crime thrives down under.

Be that as it may, the recent news that Murdoch University in Western Australia, has decided to counter-sue an academic for exposing the lowering of academic standards, should come as confirmation….


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