Transgender children SHOULD undergo irreversible surgery without their parents’ permission or counselling, psychologists say

Transgender children under the age of 16 should be able to undergo surgery without their parents’ permission, according to Australia’s top psychologists.

The Australian Psychological ­Society, which represents 24,000 professionals, says the disapproval of both parents should not inhibit a child under 16 from consenting to procedures.

But childrens’ ability to make decisions must be assessed by ‘competent’ doctors, the APS said in an unpublished law reform submission, reported by The Australian.

It was only last year transgender children needed to seek the approval of the Family Court to have irreversible surgery.

According to the peak psychologist body, mandatory pre-surgery counselling is often ‘an unnecessary burden’ on the child. ….

The APS said the child’s gender identity had likely already experienced ‘considerable medical oversight’.

Parents who disapprove of their children’s medical treatment pose a ‘significant barrier’ for the child, it said.

To overcome this, the body has suggested hospitals should have the right to petition courts as well as ‘advocacy’ to change the minds of parents.

Further, legal advice should be accessible so the young people can authorise their treatment, it said.

Problem, reaction, solution.

Is there any aspect of human existence that doesn’t come under the purview of medical megalomaniacs?

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