The Measles Vaccine Narrative Is Collapsing

[CHD Note: Page numbers referenced throughout the article are from 1200 Studies- Truth Will Prevail, Dr. Palmer’s free eBook. You will find the download link in the bio at the end of the article.]

Five key talking points—all of them false—are driving the campaign of measles-related fear and coerced vaccine compliance:

  1. If measles return, thousands of children will die annually in the U.S.
  2. The two-dose MMR vaccine regimen will provide lifelong protection in most people.
  3. Previously vaccinated adults with waning antibody protection can receive effective and lasting protection from MMR booster shots.
  4. We must achieve and sustain a 95% vaccination rate to maintain herd immunity.
  5. The MMR and the MMR+varicella (MMRV) vaccines will protect against all strains of measles.

What follows are my rebuttals to each of these falsehoods….

I had measles and chicken pox when I was a kid.   They are NOTHING.

And since I started taking reasonable doses of vitamin D (10,000 per day) I hardly ever get sick any more.   The flu jab is a total scam.  Medicine and pharma are milking the herd for all they can get.

Look for herbal remedies before you resort to pharmaceuticals, which are generally toxic.

Measles, Before it was a Catastrophe

Research Coverup of Vitamin D Scandal Continues


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