Reprise: DARPA vaccine against religious fundamentalism

This is old news but worth a review if you haven’t seen it.   The delusional construct of “irrational fundamentalists” rebelling against the “rational” (i.e. psychopathic) application of the empire’s prerogatives in their home countries is typical of the reductionist “scientific” mindset, which has a remarkable ability to ignore realities outside the domain of its approved grant proposals.

Most likely the VMAT2 gene is associated with “irrational” feelings of altruism and empathy which have long been prime targets of the medical system here in the USA, via obstetrical abuse, circumcision, formula feeding and vaccination.    Wrecking the ability of humans to connect outside the parameters their individual skinner boxes is a long standing social control agenda.

The War on Empathy, Love and Family

Autism, Empathy and Social Control

Study finds transgender autism link


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