Does vaccination with human fetal dna meet the definition of cannibalism?

What exactly does the word “cannibalism” mean?   Is it a stretch to say that directly injecting all the information encoded in the genetics of a deceased and diseased fetus constitutes cannibalism?   And if not, does the inevitable genetic recombination which results in the recipient at least warrant some level of caution?

Is it a stretch to question whether informed consent to such practices can be realistically proxied to the legal guardians of a child?   Or is the state the real guardian of all children?

It’s certainly not a stretch to point out that the legal foundations of such wholesale quackery are made of air.

If asked about their views on cannibalism, the vast majority of Americans would probably express absolute horror at the mere thought of consuming human flesh. But this is what happens every single day when children are forcibly injected with government-approved vaccines, as many of them contain the biological components of aborted human babies.

What’s worse is the fact that the aborted human babies from which many vaccines continue to be made weren’t healthy specimens, containing “abnormal, modified genes” that, thanks to the work of Italian researchers, were recently identified as having a link to cancer.

As reported by Children’s Health Defense (CHD), a project of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., scientists from a group called Corvelva sequenced the DNA of two aborted fetal cell lines used in vaccine production, MRC-5 and WI-38, revealing that these cell lines have basically been genetically engineered to cause cancer in those injected with them.

Natural News has been aggressively covering this groundbreaking revelation because it proves everything we’ve been saying for years about the dangers of vaccines, not to mention the fact that many childhood vaccines are a product of the abortion industry.

Though some religious organizations continue to deny this truth, supporting vaccination means also supporting abortion, as aborted human babies – and sick ones at that – constitute a major part of the ingredients list used in their manufacture.

Beyond this, injecting aborted human fetal tissue into children’s bodies amounts to medically sanctioned cannibalism, no matter how you look at it. Extracting cell tissue from human babies that were murdered in the womb and inserting it into other human flesh might be considered veiled cannibalism, but it’s cannibalism just the same….

New Data Finds Entire Fetal Genome in Vaccines

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