Desperate Deep State, 5 Florida Judges Busted, Child Trafficking Nests w/Corey Lynn

Corey Lynn, from, rejoins the program to discuss the 5 Florida judges caught colluding with child welfare agencies to enrich themselves and their buddies. There is a lot more to this story as Corey lays out. It involves high level politicians including Biden and Obama as well as the children in Haiti. Deep pay for play activities and much more. This is a buried story that the news is obviously not covering. We also discuss the desperate deep state as the Trump administration actively takes down this horrifying corrupt system that is deeply entrenched in our Justice system, through out every branch of government, and amongst high level business executives in corporate America. This is how the blackmail system works within a trafficking nests. Hopefully this information will help everyone identify a functioning nest within your communities and put an end to this cruel practice. You can see more of Corey Lynn’s fabulous work @ or you can support her at….

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