Cop Executes Unarmed 16yo Boy, Shooting Him in the Head as He Ran Away

Fresno, CA — An utterly disturbing video has just been released showing a Fresno police officer shoot and kill an unarmed 16-year-old boy as he ran away. Because the entire system is set up in a way to protect killer cops — even ones who murder unarmed children as they run away — the family of the boy is suing because the cop was never held accountable.

The video was just released this week by ABC affiliate KFSN and it is nothing short of horrifying. The incident unfolded in April of 2017 when police stopped the victim, Isiah Murrietta-Golding, for questioning.

As the video shows, Murrietta originally complies with the officer’s orders to back up toward him.

“Backwards,” you can hear an officer order him in body camera footage. “Towards my voice. Down on your knees.”

At this moment, for some unknown reason, Murrietta made the decision to run. We will never know why he ran, however, because the officer made sure he will never talk again when he put a bullet in the boy’s head.

Murrietta runs out of view of the officer’s body camera as he jumps a fence. However, surveillance footage from the day care facility in which he ran picks up where the body camera leaves off. As the video shows, Murrietta is running through the yard when Officer Ray Villalvazo takes aim and murders him.

“From the video, the officer just comes up, crouches down, and shoots,” legal analyst Tony Capozzi, told KFSN.

“Sgt. Villalvazo fired a single shot, which tore through Isiah’s occipital lobe,” the lawsuit says.

After Villalvazo murdered the unarmed boy, in a disgusting move, a fellow officer then praised him for it.

“Good shot,” the officer says to his fellow cop who just murdered a child….

This is emblematic of what has long been happening to the police nation-wide, and it’s not random corruption or an accident.   Satanists are psyop artists, they know how to cultivate violence and barbarism in a society in order to decapitate any expression of popular will.    It starts with obstetrical and circumcision torture and goes on from there.

The irony is that the police are victims too.   Blaming them just plays into the satanic game.   We are all brothers and sisters.   Acknowledging this is how you fight evil.

The War on Empathy, Love and Family

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