Color Revolution Comes To Hong Kong

It’s tempting to attribute this to Trump’s resistance to the global banksters NWO project but such destabilization goes back long before 2017 and may be due in part to china’s own resistance to their assigned role of militarily neutered industrial powerhouse.

The general planetary strategy of the transnational financial aristocrats is the  partitioning of the planet into function-specific zones conducive to global economic and population management under their centralized control.   At the lower levels of the hierarchy this is being marketed as a way to ensure world peace by promoting regional economic interdependency, but of course the real agenda is invisible top-down fascist dictatorship (under various PR  fronts and ideologies, puppeted by orchestrated conflicts as needed) and harvesting by preventing the normal formation of localized economic diversity density sufficient to mount a nucleus of resistance to the emerging order.   It seems this agenda is breaking down spectacularly on numerous fronts.

Trump is the american expression of this breakdown and for that reason alone he deserves support despite his issues.    The decades-long bipartisan dismantling of the US industrial infrastructure, dumbing down of education and the reduction of intelligence via toxic vaccinations and water fluoridation gives a glimpse of a nightmare that the remaining american middle class can hardly imagine.   There is no place for a large middle class under this agenda.   The middle class is its biggest demographic obstacle, as evidenced by marx’s pitting of the proletariat against the bourgeoisie instead of against their common enemy.

Needless to say, the covert war on the family is an expression of the same tactic and for the same purpose, but on a smaller scale.   We must all be socially atomized in order to exert top-down control and harvesting without localized resistance.

Also needless to say, the energy costs of shipping physical goods from widely separated natural resource to manufacturing to consumption zones kinda blows up the whole elite-orchestrated CO2 climate crisis PR.   They have no intention of reducing the overall carbon budget, only concentrating it into their hands,

The entire planet is to be their plantation and factory, with the pentagon, staffed with destitute military personnel and lording over a universally disarmed population,  acting as their policeman al-la the latin american/SOA model.

And why not?  We’ve given them a license to create money out of nothing, and they’ve used this power with patience and cunning for many decades.   And all that’s required of them is their own abject subservience and social atomization via a pathological deficit of empathy.

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