Brainwashing: Student Suspended for ‘Taxation is Theft’ Hat, ‘End the Drug War’ Flyer

By the time most students escape such totalitarian indoctrination, they no longer have the will to question the orchestrated “conventional wisdom”.

Most people are probably unaware that this country didn’t even have a human-targeted income tax until after the creation of the federal reserve.   And we didn’t have a fake drug war until nixon,   because the feds hadn’t yet discovered the profits to be made by preying on the self-medicating victims of mass brainwashing, genital mutilation and family disintegration.

Standard education in America typically focuses on creating a supply of worker bees who follow orders from authority and operate within the confines that the system has set out, but lack critical thinking skills. The results of such a school system which suppresses and discourages creativity and imagination has had a detrimental effect on children and their ability to question the status quo. But what happens when one of those children shatters the paradigm and can see outside these walls? Well, for one high school freshman in Florida, it got him suspended for five days.

The student, whose mother asked us not to name him, was suspended last week and will remain suspended through the end of the week. His violation? He wore a hat that read “Taxation is theft” across the front and handed out flyers for a libertarian presidential candidate who advocates “ending the drug war.”…

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