WombEcology by Michel Odent

This website focuses on the life period with the highest adaptability and vulnerability to environmental factors – the period inside the womb.

An overview of the “Primal Health Research Data Bank” www.primalhealthresearch.com will convince anyone that our health is to a great extent shaped during the primal period. We have now compiled hundreds of studies detecting correlations between states of health in adulthood, adolescence or childhood and situations when the mother was pregnant. There is also an accumulation of data suggesting that the way we are born has long-term consequences, particularly in the fields of sociability, aggressiveness, or, otherwise speaking, capacity to love.

At the very time when such hard data are becoming available, other scientific disciplines confirm the paramount significance of the prenatal environment. For example, the conventional ways of separating and contrasting genetic and environmental factors in the genesis of states of health, behaviour, and personality traits are obsolete. When contrasting these two groups of factors it was commonplace, until recently, to refer only to the post-birth environment. Today we are in a position to understand that the expression of our genes is to a certain extent influenced by early experiences, particularly during fetal life. This explains the importance of the concept of “timing“….


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