Extract from [2015 Book] Birth Trauma, and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine by Jeanice Barcelo 
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… Interestingly, doctors are taught in medical school that the cervix does not feel pain.  This is similar to how they are taught that babies don’t feel pain, and to the way veterinary students are taught that animals don’t feel pain.  This lie is repeated over and over again in the cult of modern medicine as a means of creating new initiates who will be willing to inflict violent and painful procedures on their medical victims without the benefit of pain relief.

“I saw my then brother-in-law – he went from college – a really good person who wants to help people, and as he went through med school, it changed him… As you have to try to prove yourself as a doctor… basically you have to feel like you’re God… [Y]ou have to act in a certain way to get obedience from people… Throughout the years… he changed.  He couldn’t keep himself.  If you did one thing wrong that they didn’t agree on, then all of a sudden you’re not at the top your class, you’re at the bottom.  And you don’t get to do the procedures or get the top doctors to work with… So you had to comply…

His dream was to go to Africa and help poor people.  But [after medical school] he was saddled with all this debt [and so] he had to go and get a practice…  I worked in his office for a while.  He’s an OB-GYN… I was his office manager, but I’d also be the technician in the room with him…

[W]hen a woman has a pap smear that’s not quite right, they’ll go in with an instrument and take a bite out of it [the cervix].  So there’d be women going ‘AH AH AH! – IT HURTS! STOP! STOP!’ And he’d go – ‘well the cervix doesn’t feel any pain…’  And the women are jumping off the table and screaming OW! OW! OW! and he’s just repeating the mantra of what was told to him and going ‘well, I’ll give you something to numb it, but the cervix doesn’t feel any pain.’  I must have seen it at least five times. As this woman was screaming and jumping off the table begging him to stop, he’d be saying over and over that the cervix doesn’t feel pain because that’s what was told to him…” 1

Clearly, this doctor’s behavior is a vivid example of how people behave when they are operating from a place of mind control.  Their programming causes them to go into a hypnotic trance and deny their connection to their own feelings, their own bodies and, indeed their own soul.  Every ounce of this doctor’s being should have been screaming at him to stop what he was doing because it was harmful.  Yet due to his medical “training”/programming (which training, as we will see,  mirrors the techniques of trauma-based mind control and clearly conditions medical initiates to do horrendous and very cruel things), this doctor habitually dissociated and robotically repeated absolute rubbish, even when it flew in the face of his own observations!!

So how does the medical system do it?  How do they turn good and decent people into biological robots who parrot nonsense and can’t seem to think for themselves?  The answer lies in the indoctrination process that medical students are put through, which process is set-up to systematically break down the morality and the will of medical students and, if all goes according to plan, will cause a split in their psyche that will result in dissociation and the assimilation of an alter personality that will be willing to conform to medical norms.  This indoctrination process involves repeatedly exposing medical students to high levels of stress and trauma as well as sleep deprivation, nutrition deprivation (i.e., junk food and fast food are the norm), sunlight deprivation, shaming the non-conformists and taking away any privileges they may have gained through conforming, and keeping the students enclosed in artificial and toxic settings for days, weeks, and months at a time so that they cannot connect with nature or any semblance of their spiritual and ethical identities.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz describes the initiation process this way:

“In medical schools, dental schools and these other professional training organizations and institutions it is a hazing process. It is trauma based education at its worst. These interns are kept up for three nights in a row. What can you do under that highly stressful situation? What you can do is make a lot of mistakes and be susceptible to mind control – virtual hypnosis. You graduate with no education in nutrition, you graduate with no knowledge of holistics and natural healing, and you are ultimately a mind controlled manipulated slave of the pharmaceutical industry…” 2


“Medical schools conduct a virtual hazing process they call professional training. After prolonged intense studies, and life-and-health-jeopardizing clinical exposures, medical residents are deprived of sleep, sometimes for days…

This form of high-stress trauma-based education is completely consistent with standardized techniques used in mind control and cult indoctrination programs. This is commonly called brainwashing, but it is really a subtle form of hypnosis that relies on fear and trauma to capture and control your attention and shape your behavior.” 3

Dr. Alvin Mahoney adds:

“[You suffer from]… sleep deprivation, light deprivation – you never see the sun for an entire summer… It’s brutal.  It’s traumatic. And almost everybody that comes out of there has some kind of post-traumatic stress disorder…

When it came exam time… they would take you to this special room in a special building that you had never been to before called the red room.  And you would pile up like sheeple – like cattle – outside of the red room.  And you’ve got 100+ students altogether about to take a big exam and, you know if you don’t pass this exam, you don’t get to move on.  And there’s a good chance you’re going to get kicked out of school, right?  So everybody is super stressed.  I mean, the energy in that room was so negative and so full of fear and toxic, it was unbelievable… And they would have you standing there for about a good 30 minutes and then they would let you into the exam room and then you would take the exam after you had this congestion of energy… It wasn’t until I started looking at mind control that I said – Man, that’s a mind control thing!  There was no reason why the door shouldn’t be open, we go in and take our seats.  And if we have to wait 30 minutes before the exam, that’s fine.  Why did they put us in this thing with all this energy and everybody’s tripping out and everybody’s worried?  It was just ridiculous… And why the color red? …The room itself was red.  Outside it was red.  Inside it was red.  The walls were red.  The chairs were red…  There’s a reason why the damn thing was called the red room… I’m not quite sure why they used the color red…  I know that there was a reason for that room being red.  There was a reason for us to be shackled up like cows going to the slaughter…”” 4

Indeed.  Several authors have noted the significance of using the color red if one wishes to evoke stress, fear, or trauma.

“[R]ed is associated with a sense of urgency… Red is known to be stimulating…  Exposing students to the color red prior to an exam has been shown to have a negative impact on test performance. Could it be that red overstimulates the mind, making it difficult to focus?”  5


“On the flag itself, we have the red of trauma, of the bloodshed of war and sacrifice, mixing with the white of pure consciousness, next to the blue skies of intellectual thought full of stars, re-presenting all the illuminated brotherhoods, fraternities, orders, lodges, etc, working together behind the scenes to create the trauma that makes prisoners of everyone under their influence…” 6

In addition to subjecting students to extremely high levels of stress and fear, medical training also involves repeatedly traumatizing students by forcing them to engage in atrocities that only a sociopath would feel OK about.  Let’s listen to the words of Barbara Rivera, founder of www.BirthPower.Org, as she describes some of the “training” she was subjected to before she ultimately quit working toward her animal-science degree at Rutgers University.

“…I’m not sure whether they’ve changed anything, but the belief is that puppies don’t remember the pain or that puppies don’t feel it.  So they just do those tail dockings and they take off the dewclaws with no anesthesia…

Usually at the vet that I worked at, you would hold the puppy… I only did one because I didn’t realize I could say no – it was so horrifying cause you had to hold the puppy and the puppy would poop and pee all over your pants screaming… then they would… sew it back up at the end of the tail while the puppy is crying…

Back when I started (20 years ago), they didn’t give animals pain medication… because they said that if the animal is in pain, they rest better… and that basically animals don’t feel pain like we do and there’s no need for it…


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