The Establishment is Changing its Tune on Russia

The question is “why”?  Russiaphobia was was wildly successful in pushing russia into the arms of china, while western military behavior re: china has succeeded in making it a willing partner with russia.  Did the puppetmasters really expect them to adhere to their assigned NWO roles as 3rd world IMF puppet and global manufacturing center respectively without pursuing their own national military and geostrategic interests?  Are they really that stupid?   What am I missing here?

Perhaps the family structure of the rulers in china proved more resistant to subversion, bribery and blackmail than the luciferians anticipated, given that the social disintegration in their own western societies is so much more advanced.

Meanwhile, western societies must now adapt to the devastation wrought by decades of NWO machinations and deindustrialization.  Can americans pay attention long enough to notice which people and institutions have so utterly betrayed us when our plight becomes impossible to ignore?   We could start with the new york times, but the treason is pretty systemic and still ongoing.

Clearly the vaccination agenda is critical to the overlords if they are to remain in power behind the scenes, but wrecking the minds of young people by forcing toxins into their bodies is a pretty baldfaced approach to social control and domination.

I suspect the backlash is just starting.   Let’s make sure it proceeds to completion.

Are Western democracies, the U.S. and France in the lead, rethinking the hostility toward Russia they conjured out of nothing since Moscow responded to the coup Washington cultivated in Ukraine five years ago? Will Trump eventually succeed in putting ties with Russia on a more productive path — triumphing over the hawks hovering around him? Have the Europeans at last grown weary of following the U.S. lead on Russia even as it is against their interests to do so?

In desultory fashion over the past month or so, we have had indications that the policy cliques in Washington are indeed reconsidering the Cold War II they set in motion during the Obama administration’s final years. And President Donald Trump, persistent in his effort to reconstruct relations with Russia, now finds an unlikely ally in Emmanuel Macron. This suggests a nascent momentum in a new direction.

“Pushing Russia away from Europe is a profound strategic mistake,” the French president asserted in a stunning series of remarks to European diplomats immediately after the Group of 7 summit in Biarritz late last month.

This alone is a bold if implicit attack on the hawkish Russophobes Trump now battles in Washington. Macron then outdid himself: “We are living the end of Western hegemony,” he told the assembled envoys.

It is difficult to recall when a Western leader last spoke so truthfully and insightfully of our 21stcentury realities, chief among them the inevitable rise of non–Western nations to positions of parity with the Atlantic world. You have nonetheless read no word of this occasion in our corporate media: Macron’s startling observations run entirely counter to the frayed triumphalism and nostalgia that grip Washington as its era of preeminence fades….

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