In Letter to UN, Scientists Say There Is No Climate Emergency

Well, what more need we say? There are those who want to instill fear into the hearts of children (and adults) and there are those who know that climate changes, has always changed and will always change. Nothing to get ye old knickers in a knot over.

Oh, and by the way, Greta’s mom wrote a book on climate change and some think she is pushing the book by pushing her daughter into the spotlight.

Doubts were first raised when the Swiss magazine Weltwoche published an article last month entitled ‘We’re making a climate icon’. It revealed that Thunberg’s school strike had coincided neatly with the launch of a book about climate change written by her mother, Malena Ernman. Is this a coincidence? It looks less like one when you learn from the same article that the first publicity of Thunberg’s protest came via the social media of the book’s PR man, Ingmar Rentzhog, on the day of its launch. It seems that Rentzhog took a freelance photographer along to the school strike, later posting the pictures on his Facebook and video on his company’s YouTube channel.

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