Eugenics Masquerading as Environmentalism

The eugenics angle becomes apparent when you realize that wealth and income are being used as proxies for genetic fitness, by imposing needless gradients in access to real food and real medicine.  GMO food is an obvious example.   There are no economic, ecological or productivity benefits, only health detriments, specifically sterility and early death.    And it finds its way mainly into cheap food despite not being cheaper to make.   If you believe that economic productivity is determined by genes (and you’re a psychopath), it’s the logical solution.

A more obvious eugenics agenda is seen in the selective targeting of black people via the FDA’s ridiculously low RDA for vitamin D.

Needless to say, a new, steeper survival gradient under a carbon trading regime (which is somehow oblivious to the real planet-threatening crises of ordinary chemical, radiological and genetic pollution) will, assuming the genetic-wealth connection above, accomplish the same depopulation and selection goals attained by more traditional eugenics campaigns in the past, while  the focus on the byproduct of traditional energy production will make the gradient all the more comprehensive and systemic.   There will be no geographic or demographic refuge (aside from wealth) from such a “humanitarian” planetary regime.   It will be the shock doctrine on steroids.   For our own good.

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