Modern Medical System Created by 20th Century Robber Barons Still Grips America

Under the Trump presidency, the Rockefeller brand of Globalism has been largely defeated. However, the corrupt and tyrannical medical establishment has escaped scrutiny. The same elites that gave us globalism also sculpted our medical system.

“Technological medicine provides the corporate class with a compatible world view, an effective technique, a supportive cultural tool, and a focus on the disease process within the body that provides a convenient diversion from the health-damaging conditions in which people live and work.” – E. Richard Brown, Rockefeller Medicine Men, 1979

The Case of Florida couple Joshua McAdams and Taylor Bland-Ball is a prime example of this system at work. The two have been arrested for refusing to continue chemotherapy for their son Noah after his cancer was cleared.

The Sackler family (worth around $14 billion in 2015) cashed in on this system through Purdue Pharma, selling the deliberately addictive opioid painkiller OxyContin.

The medical system, in its current form, is attempting to legitimize itself as faith in its ability to truly heal and care for people is dwindling.

The truth is that this system was deliberately created by the Rockefeller family and other 20th century robber barons to ensure the dominance of “technological medicine” to serve “corporate capitalism”.

E. Richard Brown, UCLA professor and former president of the American Public Health Association, wrote in Rockefeller Medicine Men (1979) that tax exempt foundations played a major role in forming the medical establishment in the United States.

These elites (The Carnegie Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and others) crafted the medical system in such a way that it would, by its very nature, support technological medicine over any other form of treatment.

Brown warned that, “…a growing interest group within the corporate class has a direct financial stake in the dominance of technological medicine.” Brown writes,

“Thus the Rockefeller philanthropies, under the guidance of skilled managers, developed self-concsiously strategic programs to transform higher education and medical care, among other social institutions. The thrust of their programs was to systematize… these institutions to make them better serve the needs of corporate capitalism.”

“…a growing interest group within the corporate class has a direct financial stake in the dominance of technological medicine.”…

Rockefeller Medicine

Penn State Prof: Social Credit Will Shift Law in the West “From Constitution… to Analytics and Algorithm”

Professor Larry Backer of Penn State University writes in a 2018 paper that resistance to social credit systems in the west could be dissolved when the masses are “socialized… as a collective” and “…the great culture management machinery of Western society develop a narrative in which such activity is naturalized within Western culture”

A 2018 paper written by prominent law professor Larry Backer of Penn State discussed the ways in which a social credit system could be implemented in the west. Backer writes that the shift in law with this system will “…change the focus of public law from constitution and rule of law to analytics and algorithm…”

In the paper, titled “Next Generation Law: Data Driven Governance and Accountability Based Regulatory Systems in the West, and Social Credit Regimes in China“, Backer describes moves to social credit in the west as “fractured”, but gives guidance on how societal norms could be steadily pushed to accept this system.

Backer proposes that the “great culture management machinery” of the west normalize the idea of social credit and sharing private data. Backer writes:

“But is it possible to socialize
the masses, or even mass democracy as a collective, to embrace this pattern of data disclosure beyond these
immediately self-serving closed loop systems? Would it be possible for the state to develop systems for the enforcement of laws (criminal and regulatory) that depends on intelligence by inducing the masses to serve as positive contributors of data necessary for enforcement or regulation? The answer, in Western liberal democracies, may depend on the ability of the great culture management machinery of Western society– its television, movies and other related media–to develop a narrative in which such activity is naturalized within Western culture“.

As Big Tech and artificial intelligence creep further into our lives, a grid of high tech surveillance has entangled us. As if to pacify resistance, these systems (Google home, Apple watches, Amazon Alexa) offer “convenience” in the form of targeted ads, personalized content and other features.

In reality, this system is meant to determine whether or not you will be allowed to function in modern society.

The Trump admin is reportedly considering using this surveillance grid to monitor the population for signs of mental illness, triggering authorities to confiscate firearms from “dangerous individuals”.

In 2013, Old-Thinker News asked the question “Will Insurance Companies Use Smart Appliances to Monitor “Unhealthy” Habits?

As this 2013 Wall Street Journal article stated, your insurance company:

“…already knows whether you’ve been taking your meds, getting your teeth cleaned and going for regular medical checkups. Now some employers or their insurance companies are tracking what staffers eat, where they shop and how much weight they’re putting on — and taking action to keep them in line.”

Artificial Intelligence, programmed by power hungry individuals, is steadily taking over our society. It is already censoring political opinions. It will be making medical, education, and financial decisions. Humans are to be sidelined. The social credit system will be watching you closely for any deviant behavior. If you arent careful, you will become an outcast. Access to food, transportation and medical care will be denied.

Jeffrey Epstein reportedly paid doctors to medicate ‘sex slaves’

Victims of multimillionaire pedophile Jeffery Epstein said he paid doctors and psychiatrists to prescribe them tranquilizers and anti-depressants, a report said Friday.

Virginia Giuffre, who was recruited by Epstein at the age of 16, told the Miami Herald that doctors prescribed her Xanax for the three years she was abused by him.

The financier provided medical care for his “sex slaves,” using his recommended doctors.

“There were doctors and psychiatrists and gynecologist visits. There were dentists who whitened our teeth,” she told the newspaper….