Rush Limbaugh Suggests Republicans Being Blackmailed Into Retirement

Eliminating the incumbency factor for a given seat would improve democratic candidates’ chances.   In any case, it’s practically a given that a large percentage of federal legislators on both sides of the aisle are being blackmailed.   That’s the price of admission.

In response to the mass retirement of House Republicans, Rush Limbaugh suggested that some of them are being blackmailed into leaving office.

The radio host said it’s odd that a “exorbitant number of Republicans” are retiring almost simultaneously.

“I think the Democrats are finding dirt, and they’re going to these Republicans, and they’re saying, ‘Do you want people to know about this? We are glad to publicize this about you.” “Oh, no, no. No, no! Please don’t.” “Well, okay. Then you gotta retire,’” Limbaugh stated on Wednesday. “Now, I can’t prove it, but some of this stuff — and some of it may be legitimate. I mean, people retiring after ten years, they may think it’s enough. It’s five terms.”

“But it’s a lot of power to be giving up. It just seems to be that these retirements are predominantly Republican, and it’s all happening under the radar.”

Limbaugh also downplayed suggestions that House Republicans are retiring simply because they don’t like President Trump.

“That’s not what it is. That’s what they want you to think. That’s not what it is,” he continued. “…What I really think is going is that a lot of this is being done as opposition research, dirty tricks, what have you, by Democrats, who are hell-bent on taking back Texas or converting Texas to their column.”

So far, several Texan Republicans have announced their retirements from the House.

“The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, House Democrats’ political organization, is mockingly calling the Texas lawmakers’ retirements ‘Texodus’ and months ago opened a campaign office in Austin, the state’s capital,” according to the AP. “They are targeting three other Texas Republicans elected from suburban districts last year by 4 percentage points or less: veteran Reps. Michael McCaul and John Carter and freshman Chip Roy.”

That said, over the past several years, Democrats have lost an unprecedented amount of power on the state and federal level, as Limbaugh also pointed out.

“Barack Obama was a Death Star for the Democrat Party,” he added. “After his two presidential elections, the Democrat Party lost over 1,000 seats total.”

“Not just in the Congress, of course, but we’re talking statehouse, state senate, governorship, any number of offices.”

Interview with Mind Control Victim Used to Blackmail Politicians as a Child

Trump Administration Considering Social Credit Score System to Determine Who Can Buy a Gun

The Trump administration is considering launching a social credit score-style system in coordination with Big Tech that would use spy data collected from Amazon, Google and Apple devices to determine whether or not an individual can own a gun.

“The proposal is part of an initiative to create a Health Advanced Research Projects Agency (HARPA), which would be located inside the Health and Human Services Department,” reports the Daily Caller. “The new agency would have a separate budget and the president would be responsible for appointing its director.”

HARPA would employ “breakthrough technologies with high specificity and sensitivity for early diagnosis of neuropsychiatric violence,” including Apple Watches, Amazon Echo and Google Home.

In other words, data collected from devices that spy on private conversations and closely monitor user behavior would be used to strip Americans of their fundamental rights….

Fundamental rights as in the right to self defense from criminals who will have no problem procuring guns regardless of their legal status (see mexico).   But the sheep aren’t supposed to think that far ahead.   Besides, there’s no place for mass gun ownership in a genocidal totalitarian dictatorship.

It’s appropriate that HARPA is a play on DARPA, with the increasing  weaponization of the medical establishment.   Somehow I doubt that the connections between gun violence and wholesale psychiatric drugging and obstetrical torture will figure prominently in their scoring system, especially now that google has officially joined the ranks of the medical mafia.

Hopefully some day the term “neuropsychatric violence” will become a one-line joke among standup comics, if the country survives that long.

As Signs of Downturn Loom, Poll Shows 57% of Voters Will Blame Trump If US Economy Goes Into Recession

A Harvard/Harris poll released Tuesday showed that most American voters will blame President Donald Trump if the U.S. economy goes into a recession, a finding that comes amid ominous warning signs of a looming financial downturn.

The survey (pdf) found that 62 percent of voters are concerned that the U.S. economy could enter a recession in the next six months. Fifty-seven percent of voters said they will blame the president over the Federal Reserve or others if a recession hits.

The poll comes weeks after the Treasury bond yield curve inverted for the first time since the Wall Street crash of 2007 and 2008. Observers noted last month that an inverted yield curve has preceded every major economic downturn over the past five decades.

Following that alarming signal, the Twitter hashtag #TrumpRecession went viral as economists and others said the president’s trade war with China, tax cuts for the rich, and other White House policies are to blame for growing fears of an economic crash.

“The American people are waking up to the damage he has done to our economy by waging senseless trade wars and handing out trillions in tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations,” tweeted former Labor Secretary Robert Reich.

In public, the Trump administration has repeatedly denied that an economic downturn is on the horizon. But, as Common Dreams reported last month, the White House has privately been considering a number of stimulus options, including more tax cuts for the rich.

Journalist Matt O’Brien mocked the White House’s reported ideas to fend off a recession as handouts to the wealthy that would do little to boost the economy.

“Hilariously,” tweeted O’Brien, “two of Trump’s ideas for stimulating the economy are 1) cutting the corporate tax rate a little more (after cutting it a lot didn’t do much), and 2) indexing capital gains to inflation. It’s tax cuts for the rich all the way down.”


Uhm, it wasn’t trump who spent decades gutting our industrial infrastructure or staging countless false flags in pursuit of endless wars and peasant disarmament.   His traditional “trickle down” remedies are only serving to precipitate the disaster which has been so long in preparation.   The elephant in the room is of course the “new world order” agenda which trump seems to be (largely ineffectually) fighting.   Tax cuts for the rich are only desperate gasps for oxygen on the sinking titanic.

It’s going to be a rough ride.

Autism prevalence and socioeconomic status

Children living in neighborhoods where incomes are low and fewer adults have bachelor’s degrees are less likely to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder compared to kids from more affluent neighborhoods.

The finding is part of a new multi-institution study of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), led by Maureen Durkin of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Waisman Center, and published recently in the American Journal of Public Health.

Durkin and her team found that the incidence of the disorder increased during the study period. In fact, during the eight years of the study, the overall prevalence of ASD in children more than doubled, increasing from 6.6 to 14.7 cases per thousand children.

“We wanted to see if part of this increase in ASD prevalence was because advances in screening techniques and medical training meant more children from disadvantaged backgrounds were gaining access to ASD diagnoses and services,” says Durkin, a professor of population health sciences and pediatrics at UW-Madison. “It doesn’t seem that’s the case.”…

The study does not prove children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are not getting the diagnoses and support they need, Durkin says, but it does indicate that’s the most likely scenario.

In support of this hypothesis, the study found that children who had intellectual disabilities were equally likely to be diagnosed with ASD irrespective of their socioeconomic backgrounds.

That could be because “children with intellectual disabilities usually have developmental delays that get noticed earlier in life,” says Durkin. “They may get referred for comprehensive medical follow-ups, which could then lead to a diagnosis of their ASD as well.”

In addition, studies in Sweden and France — which have universal health care and fewer barriers for citizens to access medical care — found no association between socioeconomic status and rates of autism diagnoses….

The “improved diagnosing” theory rears its ugly head again.    The swiss army knife of logic avoidance.  After all, vaccines are 100% safe regardless of what the government’s own freely available VAERS database and the massive payouts from the federal vaccine injury compensation fund say.   This is called “doublethink.”

Children often get intellectual disabilities as a result of birth injury such as the quackery of immediate cord clamping , which triggers a cascade of medical interventions almost certainly including the standard vaccination schedule until the child leaves the hospital (and probably beyond) leading to an equal rate of vaccination among such children regardless of SES.

The last paragraph says it all.   Equal medicalization rates means equal rates of ASD.  Medical researchers have an amazing capacity to spin whatever doesn’t support their axiomatic faith in medicine.

Traditional covert eugenics campaigns (such as the fast food=toxic food connection) normally target low income groups, effectively treating income as a proxy for genetic fitness.   But given the differential income-based access to “health care” in the USA, medical targeting has been biased toward higher income populations, although the vitamin-D scam does distribute disease and morbidity preferentially to dark-skinned people.   My guess is that higher income black families have exceptionally high rates of autism, since vitamin D is crucial in preventing vaccine-caused autism due to its antioxidant and detox functions.

When we all have equal access to the medical priesthood under universal “healthcare”, the autism campaign will be more precisely targeted against black people.

In any case, obamacare has provided a unique opportunity to measure the effects of rising access to medicine among the poor, concurrently with the increasing toxicity of more intense vaccination schedules and new human fetal tissue based vaccines:

When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released its biannual overview of autism prevalence in early 2018, it reported that one in fifty-nine 8-year-olds (born in 2006) had an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This represented a 15% increase from the rate of one in sixty-eight described in the CDC’s 2016 and 2014 reports (for 8-year-olds born in 2004 and 2002, respectively). A federal snapshot of 3 through 17 year-olds in 2016 reported diagnosed autism in one in thirty-six children—23% more than in 2014.

Despite the two-year jump in ASD prevalence, the CDC cast a positive spin on its 2018 findings. Recognizing that white ASD prevalence had been higher, in the past, than prevalence among other race/ethnicity groups, the agency hypothesized that “white ASD prevalence had largely stabilized” and praised the 15% increased prevalence as a reflection of “the catch-up of Hispanics and blacks who had been historically underascertained.” The media readily acquiesced to this worn-out narrative, implying that latent autism cases had simply been waiting to be discovered through more effective outreach and better screening. According to PBS, “[I]f it’s the case that the rate grew only because of better diagnosis, that would mean that autism spectrum disorder isn’t becoming more common among American children. Doctors are just better at spotting it.”

Dissatisfied with the “better diagnosis” explanation, University of Colorado researcher Cynthia Nevison wrote of a 1000-fold increase in autism prevalence since the 1930s and a 25-fold increase since the 1970s in a December 2018 publication in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. Now, Nevison and Rutgers researcher Walter Zahorodny—who regularly contributes New Jersey data to the biannual CDC reports—have published a new study critiquing the “catch-up” hypothesis. Their analysis further undermines officials’ complacent narrative by highlighting upward ASD trends among black and Hispanic children above and beyond mere “catch-up”—as well as pointing to worsening racial/ethnic disparities.

Deep diving the autism data

The two researchers used the two best datasets available to assess time trends in race-specific United States autism prevalence. The first came from 18 years of annual reports collected for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which has tracked special education recipients (ages 3-21) since the early 1990s, with breakdowns by race/ethnicity available for 3-5 year-olds; the most recent IDEA data are for 3 to 5 year-olds born in 2012–2014. The researchers compiled the second dataset across eight biannual Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network reports; the ADDM Network is the ongoing CDC surveillance system that reports every two years on ASD prevalence in children born 12 years previously.

After a year of careful data analysis, the researchers ascertained several interesting trends among 3 to 5 year-olds in the IDEA dataset:

  • Among white children, ASD rates plateaued in the mid-2000s after 15 years of sharp increase; around birth year 2007, however, white ASD prevalence “resumed its climb” in many states.
  • ASD prevalence increased continuously in black children, “catching up” to white prevalence by birth year 2008; from that year on, black ASD prevalence surpassedwhite prevalence in the majority of states, without a plateau.
  • ASD prevalence also increased continuously among Hispanic children and, beginning in birth year 2007, grew faster than the other races in the clear majority of states. By birth year 2013, ASD prevalence among Hispanic children exceeded that among whites in one-third of states.

ADDM data from nine states for birth years 2002–2006 showed mixed trends for white children, depending on the state, but for both black and Hispanic children, ASD prevalence increased in six out of nine states. However, Georgia was the sole state where the trends fully supported the CDC hypothesis of a stabilized white ASD prevalence and black and Hispanic “catch-up.”

Discussing the plateau in white ASD prevalence in the mid-2000s, the two researchers point out that it could “suggest a stabilization of the environmental drivers of ASD…followed by a new or increasing environmental insult after 2007.” They also mention a recent study in California that analyzed the issue of the white ASD plateau in greater depth, using stringent data from the California Department of Developmental Services (CDDS). While that study confirmed a slowdown in ASD prevalence among privately insured (i.e., higher income) white children, the researchers found that ASD rates among publicly insured (i.e., lower income) whites actually continued to increase strongly and steadily through the 2000s. Over the same decade, ASD prevalence for black children also increased strongly—irrespective of type of insurance—and ended up exceeding white prevalence by almost 40%. These provocative results suggest that higher-income white parents may have some insights into ASD prevention….

Higher income white parents probably do have important insights into autism prevention: don’t be born black under a covert medicalized eugenics regime, and use the internet to get a second opinion about birth and child care.

In any case, given the obvious targeting of the entire american population via other health-related (as well as economic, propaganda and education) destabilization tactics, it seems our demonic shepherd is pursuing a more egalitarian agenda than is possible with vaccines alone.

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Research Coverup of Vitamin D Scandal Continues

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Medical Research Rediscovers Harm of Immediate Cord Clamping

Autism Spectrum Disorder Among US Children (2002–2010): Socioeconomic, Racial, and Ethnic Disparities

Results. The prevalence of ASD increased with increasing SES during each surveillance year among White, Black, and Hispanic children. The prevalence difference between high- and low-SES groups was relatively constant over time (3.9/1000 [95% CI = 3.3, 4.5] in 2002 and 4.1/1000 [95% CI = 3.6, 4.6] in the period 2006–2010). Significant racial/ethnic differences in ASD prevalence remained after stratification by SES. …

Google Joins the Pharmaceutical Industry

Google’s burgeoning ties to Big Pharma have been exposed with the disclosure of its new pharmaceutical division, which just happens to be led by the former head of GlaxoSmithKline’s global vaccine business. As cautioned by Progressive Radio Network journalists Gary Null, PhD and Richard Gale, Google today is not only a weapon for promoting the pharmaceutical agenda but now also a drug company itself.”1

Google is Much More Than a Search Engine

Backing up a few years to 2015, Google’s co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided the multi-armed behemoth that Google had become would benefit from a drastic reorganization. Consequently, they split their “core internet business” off from their other minimally (or un-) related projects such as X Lab and the Calico life extension project. Along with Google itself, those secondary companies were grouped under the umbrella of a new corporation called “Alphabet.”2

The upshot was that Alphabet now owns Google, although the key players have not changed. Page and Brin now serve as CEO and President, respectively, of Alphabet, while former Google product chief Sundar Pichai is now CEO of Google.

Tracing a line from Google’s reorganization of itself to its structure today, the initial division kept all of the Internet entities under Google’s wing, under one “side” of the Alphabet umbrella. These included Google Maps, YouTube, Chrome, and Android. Google remained as the largest and most financially robust of Alphabet’s ventures.3

Other semi-independent companies under the Alphabet name included a diverse collection of corporations focused on such wide-ranging fields as biomedical or scientific advances, investment ventures, “smart home” applications, drone technologies and urban infrastructure.3

The Many Faces of Alphabet/Google

As the dust settled at Alphabet/Google, a number of the newly independent or semi-independent companies emerged, wielding some clout of their own. While Google’s revenues in 2017 continued to reap the lion’s share, reaching $110.9 billion, revenues from other ventures reported $1.2 billion. With operating losses reported at $3.4 billion, Google’s “side lines” were not yet profitable but climbing, up from 2016 losses of $4.6 billion.4

Those other ventures include X Lab (research and new ideas), G and CapitalG (investment funds), Sidewalk Labs (focused on urban innovation), Nest (smarthome devices), Chronicle (cybersecurity), Waymo (autonomous vehicles), Access (Internet provider innovations), Jigsaw (technological and geopolitics), Deep Mind (artificial intelligence), Verily (healthcare and managing disease) and Calico (biotech and lifespan extension).

The X Lab, or “Moonshot Factory,” is a research and development lab aimed at, in their own words, creating “radical new technologies to solve some of the world’s hardest problems.”5 Some of their projects include self-driving cars, delivery drones, renewable energy storage technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and learning robots, among many others. X acts as an incubation lab for cutting edge ideas that, once developed, may either be discontinued or “graduated” to become an independent entity.

Verily’s Pharmaceutical Ties

Verily Life Sciences is one of those Alphabet ideas now launched into independent status. Initially begun as a series of projects exploring the use of technologies including miniaturization and machine learning to create “wearable” devices such as smart lenses, Verily now partners with a number of pharmaceutical companies that develop vaccines on projects ranging from smart lenses with Alcon (a subsidiary of Novartis) and surgical robotics with Johnson & Johnson to early identification and intervention in chronic diseases with Merck Sharp & Dohme and diabetes management with Sanofi.6

Verily is partnered with Gilead on profiling the immune system to clarify the biological mechanisms of autoimmune disease and with Verve Therapeutics on nanoparticle formulations. Verily is also partnered with GlaxoSmithKline, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer,7 in the development of bioelectronic medicine.6

With the creation of Galvani Bioelectronics in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline, Verily now has its own pharmaceutical company that is working to “enable the research, development and commercialization of bioelectronic medicines,” which aim to treat disease using miniaturized implanted devices.8 Another of Verily’s projects is the development of the “sterile insect technique” to manipulate mosquito populations by releasing sterile male mosquitoes that will reduce the populations of insects carrying such diseases as dengue, Zika, chikungunya and yellow fever.9

The company has also entered the clinical study arena, first with its own study called Baseline, which seeks to connect potential study participants with clinical research groups.10

Partnering with Verily initiatives is appealing to pharmaceutical companies, including vaccine manufacturers and developers like Novartis, Sanofi, Otsuka and Pfizer, because of the young biotech company’s focus on modernizing and increasing the efficiency of data collection using tools such as electronic medical study process, as well as getting new drugs and vaccines to market faster. Although the partnered studies are not yet in progress, studies are being explored in cardiovascular disease, oncology, mental health, dermatology and diabetes.

Because anyone can join Baseline and potentially be connected with clinical trials relevant to their own life, keeping patient information private will be a challenge, but the projected market value of the program is expected to reach $69 billion by 2026. 11

As reporter Mark Terry put it for BioSpace, “Perhaps disconcertingly, a company that handles 92.4% of internet searches globally and already has significant amounts of information about your life, now wants to know medical and health information as well.” 12

Alphabet’s Other Medical Venture: Calico Labs

In addition to Verily, Alphabet has another older medical research company called Calico, founded in 2013 and headed by Arthur Levinson, the former CEO of Genentech, another pharmaceutical company that develops vaccines.13 According to Calico’s mission statement, the company wants “to harness advanced technologies to increase our understanding of the biology that controls lifespan” and will “require an unprecedented level of interdisciplinary effort.14

Dr. Aarif Khakoo, Head of Drug Development at Calico (and formerly a Vice President at Amgen, a pharmaceutical company that develops vaccines) said, “With the aging of the world population, there is a pressing need to gain a deeper understanding of the molecular underpinnings of human aging and to translate these insights into new therapies for aging and age-related diseases… I’m looking forward to working with the team and our external collaborators to move the lead therapeutic candidates into clinical studies in the future.”14

It has been obvious for some time now that Google’s algorithms have been adjusted to make it more difficult to find information, including information about vaccines, that doesn’t align with the messages about health and medical care that are approved by government and the pharmaceutical industry. In some cases, no matter how specific a search question is, or how it is worded and re-worded, the search results stubbornly return the same tired but mainstream medical authority-approved results….

Establishment Right and Left Call for COINTELPRO 2.0 

Both heads of the two-headed establishment political hydra want to resurrect COINTELPRO, the FBI’s illegal subversion program, in response to speech they oppose and want outlawed.

In August, The Verge (owned by liberal Vox Media and founded by former CIA asset Markos Moulitsas) and the National Review, the failing neocon journal edited by Rich Lowry, posted articles on how to best undermine the First Amendment right of millions of Americans.

The Verge cites a recent paper by N. F. Johnson and a collection of academics. Johnson and his fellows compare online “hate and extremist narratives” to a chemistry project.

“We observe the current hate network rapidly rewiring and self-repairing at the micro level when attacked, in a way that mimics the formation of covalent bonds in chemistry,” they write.

Because of this dynamic, the authors suggest fighting “hate” (unacceptable political speech) by inserting a “population in a pre-engineered format” within a targeted “hate-cluster” and destroying it from within.

This is a tactic taken right out of the COINTELPRO handbook.

Branko Marcetic writes:

As the Church Committee, a congressional committee set up in 1975 to analyze the excesses of US law enforcement and intelligence agencies over the preceding decades, put it, what followed was a secret war against those citizens it considers threats to the established order…

The bread and butter of COINTELPRO operations was the use of wiretaps, anonymous letters, informants, and other means of subterfuge to, in the Bureau’s own words, foster factionalism and create suspicion within groups, bring individuals into disrepute before the American public, and create disruption and discord among such groups and movements in order to destroy the Left, or at least render it useless….