US Attorney General Demands Investigation Into Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Unusual’ Death

Convicted sex offender, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein died from an apparent suicide, in what was his second attempt, while he was being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, one of the most secure facilities in the U.S. He died in federal custody, something that’s unheard of while on trial for the sex trafficking of children.

His death sparked comments from many people, emphasizing how ‘fishy’ it was, especially given the fact that he had dirt on a lot of powerful people, all the way from Prince Andrew of the Royal Family, the Clinton’s, and many more. That being said, it’s not the first time the Royal Family, or high level politicians have been implicated in pedophilia, it’s something that’s been happening for a very long time with strong links that go beyond Epstein. Regardless, Epstein was still a threat. You can see some more examples of what I’m referring to in this more detailed article.

Donald Trump called into question Epstein’s death with a re-tweet, Rudy Giuliani was also quite outspoken, asking the question, “What does the word watch mean in the phrase suicide Watch? Who was watching? What does camera show? It is inconceivable Epstein could have hung himself if there was a suicide Watch? Follow the motives?”

Preet Bharara, the former federal prosecutor in Manhattan via his twitter account, brought up the point that “There should be – and almost certainly is – a video of Epstein’s suicide at MCC. One hopes it is complete, conclusive and secured.”

Sen. Ben Sasse, a Republican from Nebraska and chair of the Senate judiciary oversight committee who had asked the U.S. Justice Department to investigate the handling of the Epstein case.

“Every single person in the Justice Department — from your Main Justice headquarters staff all the way to the night-shift jailer — knew that this man was a suicide risk, and that his dark secrets couldn’t be allowed to die with him,” Sasse wrote Saturday in a letter addressed to Barr.

Given Epstein’s previous attempted suicide, he should have been locked in a padded room under unbroken, 24/7, constant surveillance, Obviously, heads must roll,” Sasse said. (source)

These are just a few of many examples calling into question Epstein’s death and what really happened, yet mainstream media continues to demonize those who do, claiming that they’re ‘conspiracy theorists.’

Clearly, these people aren’t conspiracy theorists.

William Barr Calls For Investigation

The latest example comes directly from  the U.S. Attorney General, William Barr, who said that the Department of Justice is looking into “serious irregularities” at the facility that are “deeply concerning and demands a thorough investigation.” He said that the DOJ Inspector General and the FBI are currently doing that.

“We will get to the bottom of what happened and there will be accountability,” Barr said.

This is great, the only concern I have is that organizations like the DOJ and FBI are and have been extremely corrupt, and perhaps are mostly run by corrupt people who may in fact be involved in the same type of activity that Epstein was involved in, but perhaps things have changed. Is this why this problem seems to continue and persist, because those whom we go to for ‘justice’ are involved in the same thing and connected to it?

Something to think about…

According to CBC News:

The MCC is an imposing 12-storey building in lower Manhattan that routinely houses high-profile defendants being tried in New York. Among the infamous inmates who’ve spent time there were crime boss John Gotti, convicted financier Bernie Madoff, Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, convicted in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and most recently, drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

The results of an autopsy on Epstein have so far not been made public. Epstein’s apparent suicide comes about two weeks after he was found unconscious in his cell with bruising on his neck from an apparent suicide attempt or possible assault.

The multimillionaire had been placed on suicide watch on July 23, but according to the Wall Street Journal, sometime before the end of the month his lawyers had requested he be taken off it.

Epstein was reportedly in “special observation status,” which required checks at 30-minute intervals and a constant cell-mate. Reports suggest neither of those protocols were followed leading up to Epstein’s death and that he hadn’t been checked for several hours.

Obviously, the other powerful people implicated in this case might have an easier time, as again, Epstein had a lot of dirt on a lot of people. Obviously, Epstein didn’t do what he did alone, and there are other powerful people involved in this type of activity.

If you want a more in-depth look, with evidence, as to what I am talking about, not long ago I published an article about how Jeffrey Epstein’s case raises questions about Royal Family pedophilia and elite ritualistic abuse of children. It’s a well sourced article with multiple examples.

The Takeaway

By now, it’s quite obvious that some powerful people are involved in activities that may even go beyond intercourse with minors. Based on our research here at Collective Evolution, we are talking about ritualistic abuse, murder, child trafficking, torture, cannibalism and more. That type of thing has yet to make it in the mainstream, and perhaps will be some time before it does. But remember, in the alternative, people have been talking this way about Epstein for over 10 years. Only now is the mainstream talking about it. We must not let the mainstream decide what is true and what’s not.

The world is waking up, and this type of activity among our ‘leaders’ and many of those who we have been made to worship and idolize, like the Pope, for example, are being exposed. It’s one of several revelations that are occurring and will continue to occur as humanity continues to transition into a new experience.


Clearly the dominant psychological mechanism in american society today is not paranoia but a need to believe that all is well and under control.   People who don’t have a good mental model of systemic corruption, secret societies or media manipulation find it’s much easier on the adrenal glands to assume that they don’t exist.  The establishment is happy to oblige their psychological needs.

But at some point denial gives way to delusion.   The real “conspiracy theorists” are those who believe that despite all evidence, there is an invisible conspiracy of decent people at the helm who are bound and determined to serve the interests of those who have absolutely no input into their job security or their income.

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