The New Hate Speech: Questioning the Lies

Quick, flock to your authority figure before you learn something!

Youtube is continuing its purge of the public consciousness.    This time they’ve taken down Mike Rupperts’ essential analysis of 9/11.   Ruppert was an LA narcotics detective who refused offers of joining the CIA’s illegal domestic intelligence apparatus, specifically its domestic drug running operation.    He went public with this in a famous public hearing in LA which aborted the imminent confirmation of a new DOD director.   It’s amazing he wasn’t killed outright.

He ran two web sites: and which are still there for the moment.

Anyway, YT deleted his speech under their “community standards” regarding “hate speech”, two orwellian terms that are increasingly strung together in our bipartisan march toward the fascist death squad model that the CIA has already foisted on latin america and numerous other places.

Shouldn’t the CIA be classified as a hostile foreign agency?   Or is that too obvious to mention?

Here’s another copy of the video.   You should download it while you can.

Note, youtube has updated their algorithms to disable the usual firefox video download plugins, but the command-line program at works fine.

The CIA and the Crack Cocaine Epidemic

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