The Dirty Secret about Gun Control in Latin America

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos wants an America filled with gun control.

During a segment of Real America with Jorge Ramos, the journalist played a number of clips featuring 2020 presidential hopeful Cory Booker’s plan to tackle America’s alleged gun violence “epidemic.”

In this video, Booker proclaimed that “It is time for us as a nation not to normalize the violence and the carnage of gun violence. It is time that we come together and stand together and take the fight to the NRA and the corporate gun lobby like we have never seen before!”

Ramos sees the Booker campaign as a viable avenue to bring gun control into the national conversation. He asserted that “Booker wants to be the Gun Control President. He’s even introduced a sweeping gun violence prevention package that would close loopholes for gun sales, crack down on gun manufacturers, and invest in communities impacted by gun violence.”

What Ramos is referring to is Booker’s gun control package which has become a staple of his presidential run. The New Jersey Senator’s affinity for gun control make sense based on how he represents New Jersey, a state with some of the strictest gun laws on the books. New Jersey finds itself ranked 50th according to Guns & Ammo magazine for states most friendly towards gun owners.

It’s rather ironic that Jorge Ramos is calling for gun control when taking into account his Mexican origin. For a journalist like Ramos, who claims to be the voice of Latin American interests in American media, it would behoove him to recognize Latin America’s crime problems. Violence is especially pronounced in countries like Mexico, and how gun control has played a role in keeping crime rates high.

Instead of turning to cliché solutions such as more education, foreign aid, and accountability, Ramos and his ilk should consider alternatives such as gun rights which empower Latin American citizens to confront criminal threats.

By just glancing at Latin America’s current gun policies, we see a region that is in desperate need of more pro-gun laws. Countries like Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela offer lurid accounts of what happens when most of the population is effectively disarmed when facing real criminal threats….


It seems latin america and the “deep state” are in agreement about the need to disarm the peasants.    Not surprising given the history of the region.    Don’t want to move to Guatemala?   What if Guatemala moved up here?    That’s the agenda.

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