Real Medicine: Herbal Remedies

Can Natural Medicine Be the Solution When Pharmaceutical Meds Have Failed You?

FREE Premiere Viewing of This Groundbreaking Docu-series Reveals the Natural Medicine Secrets to Healing Chronic Disease

In the ground-breaking 9-episode docu-series Natural Medicine Secrets, more than 55 of the world’s leading natural medicine doctors share what they have learned from decades of practice filled with successful cases.

Also — a trained research team has put together the latest scientific research about the plants that can indeed be called “miracle healing agents” and how to use them to help prevent and reverse disease.

You don’t want to miss this series.

The natural medicine remedies shown inside are simple, effective, and side-effect free…

As a recovering gullibility factory I’m continually astonished at the effectiveness and non-toxicity of the natural herbs and essential oils I’ve tried.   This is not wishy-washy hocus pocus fake science.   I don’t know why it works so much better than lab-derived chemical concoctions, but it doesn’t matter.   I wasn’t derived in a lab either and yet here I am, and I accept this mysterious gift from creation with an increasing sense of reverence.

A good way to introduce yourself to a small subset of the possibilities is to check out the infowars and natural news shops at: and

They make it easy to navigate for beginners.    The aphrodisiacs on the infowars site really work well (scientifically speaking!)

Note that the nightmarish “codex alimentarius” international treaty framework would force the mechanistic reductionist chemical paradigm of the satanic elite on all food (including infant “formula”), supplements and drug related production for the peasants, for our on safety of course.

Cultivating disease in the population is a highly profitable business with a useful social control angle.   That’s why american medicine is  exorbitantly expensive, hugely profitable and largely destructive to human health and human families.

I believe parts of europe have already imposed portions of the codex framework, which is why natural supplements (including vitamin D!) are practically controlled substances in some EU countries.    Codex provisions have also been repeatedly introduced in the US congress and mostly defeated so far.

Why must we constantly be on guard from the enemy within?

The History of Health Tyranny: Codex Alimentarius

Research Coverup of Vitamin D Scandal Continues

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