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It is available in CSV format so it can be inputted into any database or spreadsheet program.

Ralph McGehee was a CIA operative for 25 years.  He wrote “Deadly Deceits” and created the CIABASE database of public disclosures of CIA operations, which used to occur with some regularity when we had a partially functioning media.  He posted this to misc.activism.progressive in 2004.

This is in response to Hayden Peake’s query. It should be noted that the article in the Washington Post of 1/28/97 re CIA’s coercive interrogation manual also mentioned the CIA manual that taught CIA-backed, Nicaraguan contra rebels about “neutralizing” enemies. (The Washington Post noted that the Baltimore Sun obtained the manual under the Freedom of Information Act and published its article on 1/27/97).

So we have documentary proof not only of CIA-sponsored torture but also assassinations – i.e. “neutralizations” not only in Latin America in the eighties but also in Vietnam earlier — as cited below. This of course does not cover the gamut of CIA operations to sponsor torture and assassinations but does record a few of these operations.

The CIA and its officers, retired and active, are loathe to admit to such but the evidence is overwhelming. I, can attest,to the agonies of accepting the truth about CIA and its activities. In Vietnam, I contemplated suicide as the only way out of my moral dilemma. I do not wish to be dramatic or confessional — it took many years before I could admit this to anyone — butit is extremely difficult to view your life’s endeavorsas primarily a lie and a cruel, destructive hoax.

This is one of the reasons why I protest — can we expect that those subjected to CIA operations to forgive and forget?Should we expect them to? Should we excuse these operations? Should we continue these operations? Lastly, is this an intelligence organization?

Ralph McGehee CIABASE

Ralph McGehee’s CIABASE, a valuable research tool for all CIA operations, taken from hundreds of books and newspaper articles and entered by category.


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