Officials Say US Headed Toward Full Naval Blockade Of Venezuela

Following initial reports this week that the White House is preparing to escalate sanctions on Venezuela, an unnamed senior administration official has given new confirmation that the Trump Administration is seriously considering imposing a naval blockade on Venezuela, as part of a continuing pressure campaign to oust socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

The senior official further indicated Maduro has “a short window” to voluntarily leave power before Trump could approve a full “quarantine” or  “blockade” of the Latin American country.

On Thursday while taking reporters’ questions, Trump was asked about some of Maduro’s powerful external backers:

Asked by a reporter whether he was considering such a measure, given the amount of involvement by China and Iran in Venezuela, Trump said: “Yes, I am.” He gave no details.

The president didn’t define the extent of such a “quarantine,” but a follow-up report in Bloomberg indicated it would start with a complete blockade by sea, enforced by US Navy ships.

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