Child Sex-Trafficking Is More Common In The US Than People Realize

Anti-trafficking activist Jaco Booyens said President Donald Trump has done more to fight child sex-trafficking than any other world leader, but the United States has a long way to go in protecting American youth.

Sex-trafficking has been a major issue recently as financier Jeffrey Epstein, who was charged with sex-trafficking and conspiracy, died Saturday in his Manhattan jail cell while awaiting trial. Alleged victims are coming out with their stories and lawsuits against his estate.

Booyens is the founder of SHAREtogether, a non-profit that fights child sex-trafficking around the world. He is also the president and CEO of film company After Eden Pictures, and director of the movie “8 Days,” which tells the story of a young girl who fell victim to trafficking. Booyens has been part of the effort to conquer sex-trafficking since 2001, he said.

“Historically, U.S. children are the ones who are forgotten,” he told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “The American child has been left behind for so many different reasons. People don’t want to acknowledge such evil in the United States.”

President Donald Trump has “unequivocally” done more to help end sex-trafficking in the United States than any other president, Booyens said. (RELATED: Anti-Sex-Trafficking Activist Says ‘No Question’ Trump Has Done More Than Previous Presidents)

“In the free world, there is no leader that has taken this kind of initiative,” he said.

Child Sex-Trafficking Is Under-Resourced

U.S. law enforcement is under-resourced, Booyens said, and there are even states where the special task force for sex-trafficking is one person. In states where this is the case, he said authorities lean on local police departments to deal with trafficking. He said he does not believe police departments, though they do their best, have the manpower or resources to tackle this massive problem.

“It is all races, all genders, all zip codes, all economic classes,” he said.

Human trafficking is handled by the Department of Labor, Booyens said, and he would like to see this moved to a different federal agency, adding that DOL has limited resources for child sex-trafficking….

Human trafficking seems to be a major artery in the funding apparatus of the “deep state”.   If Trump manages to shut down its major hubs, he will have done more to “democratize” the world than any politician in recent memory.

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