Why intense light can protect cardiovascular health

I guess putting a sunset on your desktop background won’t work… damn!

… The scientists discovered that housing mice under intense light conditions for one week `robustly enhances cardio protection’, which resulted in a dramatic reduction of cardiac tissue damage after a heart attack. They also found that humans could potentially benefit from a similar light exposure strategy.

In an effort to find out why, they developed a strategy to protect the heart using intense light to target and manipulate the function of the PER2 gene which is expressed in a circadian pattern in the part of the brain that controls circadian rhythms.

By amplifying this gene through light, they found that it protected cardiovascular tissues against low oxygen conditions like myocardial ischemia, caused by reduced oxygen flow to the heart.

They also discovered that the light increased cardiac adenosine, a chemical that plays a role in blood flow regulation.

Mice that were blind, however, enjoyed no cardio protection indicating a need for visual light perception.

Next, they investigated whether intense light had similar effects on healthy human volunteers. The subjects were exposed to 30 minutes of intense light measured in lumens. In this case, volunteers were exposed to 10,000 LUX, or lumens, on five consecutive days. Researchers also did serial blood draws.

The light therapy increased PER2 levels as it did in mice. Plasma triglycerides, a surrogate for insulin sensitivity and carbohydrate metabolism, significantly decreased. Overall, the therapy improved metabolism.

Eckle has long known that light plays a critical role in cardiovascular health and regulating biological processes. He pointed out that past studies have shown an increase in myocardial infarctions during darker winter months in all U.S. states, including sunnier places like Arizona, Hawaii and California. The duration of the light isn’t as important as the intensity, he said….


What is the impact on heart health of using sunglasses?   Probably not good.

What A Democratic Socialist Convention Is Like

Sensory overload and chronic anxiety are often symptoms of autism, an “invisible disability” to use the speaker’s term.

There seems to be a rising prevalence of easily triggerable young people that isn’t reflected among the general population.   This is consistent with a suddenly rising rate of early exposure to neurotoxins among the newer generations (i.e. vaccines).  My guess is that this convention is full of mind raped (as well as genitally raped and birth raped and nutritionally raped) young victims of american medicine who will be life-long consumers of the pharmaceuticals they need to simulate a state of health.     Thank goodness that the “green new deal” will include expanded tax-funded coverage for disabilities and pharmaceuticals (and vaccines, of course).

Do you see the business model here?   The financial harvesting loops have entangled medicine, pharma, insurance and government in a monstrous life-eating machine.    And all it takes are a few well-bribed “regulators” in a few key positions at the CDC and FDA, and the self interests of those involved in the other hierarchies.   This is peanuts compared to the payoff.   And given the distributed nature of the “business”, everyone involved in the fraud will be financially dependent on its perpetuation.    As the size and economic costs of the scam continue to rise, the general working (i.e. income-taxed) population will tend to be further impoverished, creating new loops of dependency and exploitation.   This is the nature of spontaneous systemic corruption.  Disaster capitalism has a tendency to devour and kill its own substrate, as with any malignancy.

Whatever their original merits, modern vaccine formulas and schedules now seem to be a tool of social control via neurological impairment, and economic harvesting via chronic illness.  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2019/05/2009-german-chancellor-and-ministers-to-receive-special-vaccine/

Also see http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2019/05/new-phenomenon-rapid-onset-gender-dysphoria/ and http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2019/07/study-finds-transgender-autism-link/

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