Trump EO Mandates EMP Disaster Preparation / Prevention

After years of inaction by Obama and W.   It seems Trump hasn’t gotten the message that the US is on the chopping block.   Maybe we have a future after all…

… “A successful nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack against the United States [or a Harrington event caused by a solar coronal mass ejection -rw]  could cause the death of approximately 90 percent of the American population,” according to a Senate Homeland Security Committee statement.

Attempts by the federal government to establish policies to prepare for such an attack have been made difficult due to the combination of public and private actors involved. Though technology to secure the grid is available, implementation is a challenge.  A collective national plan to secure the grid requires the cooperation of electric companies, system operators, technology companies, and Congress. Since this issue limits how the U.S. can effectively prevent catastrophic effects of EMP attacks, the nation remains vulnerable to them.

President Trump’s recent Executive Order mandates federal agencies to coordinate with each other to develop a whole-of-government approach to assessing and managing the risks of EMP. It outlines the individual roles and responsibilities of major federal departments to successfully mitigate the risks. The Executive Order states that within one year, President Trump will receive a report from heads of appropriate agencies detailing the available technology options that could be used to harden the electric grid and protect critical infrastructure. Within 180 days of analyzing those options, an engineering approach will be taken to implement technologies.

Trump’s Executive Order marks the first comprehensive plan involving public and private sectors to assess the EMP threat – the first step to effectively defending against it….

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