The “open borders” distraction

I posted this as a comment elsewhere and I thought I’d add to the network clutter by dumping it here.    I don’t know how such an obvious fact could not be at the center of the discussion over open borders, but its absence demonstrates the level of duplicity in the media across the political spectrum.   The hidden concentration of power needed to shut down honest political discussion over this issue demonstrates how dire our situation is, and that americans may well be joining the armies of refugees massing at the southern border, when they stream back to the south in desperation.

The author misses the deeper issue. The question is what happened to all these latin american countries that made them uninhabitable to so many people? Decades of US foreign policy happened, together with IMF/WB austerity hoaxes. The same policies that are coming to the USA in a few years. Claiming that we have some jobs that “americans” don’t want is obviously false. The correct statement is that the jobs don’t pay enough to sustain an american household, because americans need foreign poverty to subsidize their cost of living because americans themselves don’t make high enough wages to buy products and services at their true sustainable cost. The solution is not to continue bleeding our standard of living by joining washington’s predation on nomadic refugees from US policies, it’s to stop subsidizing the system that created those refugees in the first place and use the resulting massive savings to create a sustainable economy and rebuild our rotten infrastructure at home. It’s not like there isn’t a ton of things to do here, or people to do them. Of course that’s not going to happen because of the profits to be made by destroying people’s lives, both foreign and domestically. But I just thought I’d point it out in case it isn’t obvious enough. The democrats and “open border” proponents are providing a convenient diversion from the deeper question of why washington is at war with all of us.

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