The one vitamin you need to prevent heart attacks

There are a few things everyone knows are vital to heart health. Eating healthily, exercising, maintaining a healthy weight…

But there’s another important factor to heart health that most people don’t consider… something proven to not only significantly lower your risk of ever having a heart attack, but also protect your heart from the damage that can occur if you’re living with high blood pressure or diabetes.

Analyzing the blood work of patients who had suffered a heart attack has revealed a common problem — low levels of vitamin D. Yet, no one knew what the link was between heart problems and the “sunshine vitamin” since vitamin D3 is normally associated with bone health.

I have been writing about this for years, but Ohio University scientists and their state-of-the-art nanosensors discovered exactly how vitamin D3 effects the endothelial cells that line your heart and blood vessels.

Not only does vitamin D3 increase the level of nitric oxide in your blood to regulate blood flow and lower your blood pressure, it also lowers the levels of oxidative stress in your cardiovascular system (damage caused by free radicals that accelerates the age of your cells).

Put simply, D3 helps turn back the clock and keep your veins, arteries and heart young.

To top it off, the vitamin pairs with vitamin K2 to remove built up calcium from your cardiovascular system that causes symptoms like high blood pressure, atherosclerosis (or hardening of your arteries) and even diabetes — damage that leads to a heart attack.

Natural sunlight through the eyes and on the skin produces vitamin D which helps with, and is necessary to, the ionization of calcium. Now you understand the push by mainstream medicine to tell everyone to avoid the sun. If people were to get sufficient sunlight, the truth of the worthlessness of their drugs would be exposed….

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