The Military Mindset

A few notes:

Obviously a heartfelt calling on his part, with honorable intentions.   A decent and intelligent man with a gun.   Not at all uncommon, with or without government sanction.   The 2nd amendment recognizes this, despite the protestations of self-proclaimed “liberals” who indulge in false flags and mass psychotropic drugging ( ) to convince us otherwise.

He specifically references warlords, terrorists and criminals, but no mention is made of the most fertile petri dish for mass violence: established governments with popular support or compliance, even those with all the accoutrements of democratic governance, human rights and a transparent legal framework based on fair trials and evidence etc.   (implicitly including a fair monetary framework, which of course no country in the world has at this point, but I digress)

This is where empirical reality and history gets in the way of the best theories and intentions.    Any legal/governmental/economic mechanism based on a set of rules of law is vulnerable to corruption over time, no matter how well designed and monitored by an informed public it is initially.    Most governments are sufficiently large, complex and powerful that conflicts of interest arise spontaneously, and organized crime infiltration is to be expected.   This is especially true where the technical means of creating mass popular perceptions and imposing governing regulations and enforcement is focused in a relatively small group of experts and “professionals”.

This is why following orders is not always an algorithm for behaving in an honorable way.

Ideally every soldier would have the willingness, ability and knowledge to evaluate orders before carrying them out.   Not likely.   And so soldiers, cops, clerical workers, engineers and scientists, economists, even laborers and trash collectors  must implicitly trust in authority to carry out the most basic functions of social organization.

This is a big problem when the structure of authority is compromised by a systemic “illness” for which the very existence and structure of the law provides a fertile mechanism for infection: blackmail.   Organized crime has exploited this systemic vulnerability for centuries, and modern luciferianism has honed it to algorithmic efficiency in its selection of targets and means of infection .

Ideally one would hope that the legal enforcement mechanisms built into governments would be sufficiently intact and functional that such issues are addressed before they become a pandemic of organized crime cells networked and consolidated to the point of becoming collectively self-aware and in pursuit of their own emergent interests.   Unfortunately, real history shows that this is only wishful thinking.   This is why the “beacon of freedom and democracy” has created so many refugees, spread so much torture and misery around the world and exported so many guns to “failed states” of its own making, while maintaining a very convincing PR front for its foreign and domestic audiences, including its own government and military personnel and of course its own children, teachers and journalists.   Successful parasites are very good at impersonating the host.

It’s tempting to call this systemic corruption a form of artificial intelligence, a self-interested and collectively autocatalytic “life” embedded in the algorithmic legal mechanisms and human frailties of the state.    When it becomes dangerous to point this out (i.e. when everyone is a prison guard or soldier), then this analogy will be a perfect fit.

I wish I had a solution for this.   All I can do is blog about it.   The idea of collective spontaneously self-organized intelligence is not quack science and it’s not difficult to grasp intuitively.    Yet its application to trans-generational social organization is not widely appreciated.    Without such an appreciation, universal disarmament of the type he envisions will simply delegate and consolidate authority onto an even more corrupt international body and move the frontier of conquest from the battlefield into the mind itself, starting with the minds of children.   This process is already well advanced on a national level.  There is no peace under psychological occupation and mind control.

As individual human beings, we have the collective means to nullify this infection.   It takes courage, the kind of courage exemplified by the soldier above.   But it also takes individual access to knowledge, such as the internet makes available.    Access to knowledge and an appreciation of our own built-in empathic intelligence provide the means to a “velvet revolution”.   It’s a race to see which collective intelligence will vanquish the other.

Needless to say, this is a time of unprecedented danger and opportunity.

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