The Concept of Neurodiversity Is Dividing the Autism Community

At the annual meeting of the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) in Montreal, Canada in May, one topic widely debated was the concept of neurodiversity. It is dividing the autism community, but it doesn’t have to….

Neurodiversity is related to the more familiar concept of biodiversity, and both are respectful ways of thinking about our planet and our communities. The notion of neurodiversity is very compatible with the civil rights plea for minorities to be accorded dignity and acceptance, and not to be pathologized. And while the neurodiversity movement acknowledges that parents or autistic people may choose to try different interventions for specific symptoms that may be causing suffering, it challenges the default assumption that autism itself is a disease or disorder that needs to be eradicated, prevented, treated or cured….

Many of those who adopt the medical model of autism call for prevention and cure of the serious impairments that can be associated with autism. In contrast, those who support neurodiversity see such language as a threat to autistic people’s existence, no different than eugenics….

Autism itself is a consequence of vaccine-mediated eugenics insofar as vaccine induced oxidative stress is especially toxic to vitamin D deficient children (i.e. especially black children).   The author is calling for the normalization of medically induced brain damage as a new form of civil rights.   But the “other side” of this argument is equally problematic.   Medicine is in total denial about the issue, so you’re not likely to get help there.   Perhaps a more “egalitarian” approach would be universal mandatory brain damage via shock treatment.   They can then market drugs for depression in the shock-traumatized children, leading to …. you can see the endless business opportunities here.   This is the structure of disaster capitalism, with each imposed problem leading to more opportunities/problems.

Let’s see, should we invade afghanistan or iraq in revenge for 9/11?

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