Police report: GA lawmaker Erica Thomas said ‘Go back where you came from’ – not Eric Sparkes


A Publix employee told a Cobb County officer that she witnessed part of the conversation and heard Thomas “continuously tell Eric Sparkes to ‘Go back where you came from!’” but did not hear Sparkes utter those words to Thomas…

Tuesday, Sparkes said he wasn’t surprised that Cobb authorities decided not to file charges and added Wednesday that the police report “speaks for itself.” He also blasted media coverage of the incident.

“Everyone that knows me knows that I am anti-hate, anti-bigot and anti-racism,” he said, adding: “Sadly, too much of media isn’t fact-checking items or they are just taking the word of a politician when they do a live Facebook or a Twitter post.”

Read full story at https://www.wsbradio.com/blog/politics/cobb-police-charges-will-filed-georgia-lawmaker-publix-dispute/fp9t5RJLXVSOTaMnVLmHEP/?fbclid=IwAR1gLj3HAs15xjB-k_nV5PSmviPtAdAX2Ytn4iz9f4_ZjvPr_GC-266nGt8

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