Patterns in DNA reveal hundreds of unknown protein pairings

Sequencing a genome is getting cheaper, but making sense of the resulting data remains hard. Researchers have now found a new way to extract useful information out of sequenced DNA.

By cataloging subtle evolutionary signatures shared between pairs of genes in bacteria, the team was able to discover hundreds of previously unknown protein interactions. This method is now being applied to the human genome, and could produce new insights into how human proteins interact.

The project is a collaboration between scientists at the University of Washington School of Medicine and Harvard University. Their report appears in the July 11 issue of Science.

“Protein-protein interactions are fundamental to biological function. It’s remarkable that they can now be predicted en masse using the large amounts of genomic sequence data that have been generated in recent years,” said senior author David Baker, professor of biochemistry at the University of Washington School of Medicine….

It’s even more remarkable how the public has been sold a bill of goods regarding the level of scientific knowledge of genes and GMO’s.   How long have they known about pleiotropy?   Probably longer than monsanto has been dumping genetic vandalism on the biosphere.   But now that this new baby step in understanding is under their belts, our overachieving corporate scientists can market their delusions with confidence.

But seriously, it was never about “feeding the earth”.    GMO’s don’t increase yields or reduce the use of toxic agrochemicals (it’s just the reverse on both counts),  and their resistance to pests is only temporary (humans don’t evolve as fast as insects, so that particular “pest” is the only species affected in the long term).

Genetic engineering is genocide.   Against both plants and animals, including humans, as you can see with a little research

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