Newsbud: Turkey’s S-400 Deal Helps China Neutralize Gladio B’s Uyghur Channel

As we reach the last hands in the Russia-U.S.-Turkey S-400 game, China quietly gains major geopolitical ground without even playing directly at the table. While the world watches and predicts on the cornering of Turkey from both mega players’ sides-Russia and the United States, China deals the nuclear card (aka economics) to weaken, even neutralize, the US-NATO Operation Gladio B’s China front: Xinjiang and Uyghurs.

While the mainstream media continued buzzing with headline after headline, hollow analyses and predictions, during and after the conclusion of the G-20 Summit in Japan, no one heeded the real geopolitical game-changer taking place immediately post G-20 with Turkey President Erdogan’s China visit. The Xi-Erdogan meeting is about to become a major turning point for China in its under-the-radar battle front against NATO-U.S. Operation Gladio B. Vice versa: Losing its most important operation channel and partner in using Xinjiang’s Uyghurs against China marks the biggest blow for Operation Gladio B. Here’s how and why:

Beginning even before the historical meeting in China between the President Xi and President Erdogan on July 2, the main purpose of the visit was common knowledge: Economic. As indicated in my recent analyses (here and here), facing sanction threats from the West, assault on its currency, fallout with Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and widening deficit, Turkey, understandably, had begun looking Eastward for an urgently needed economic lifeline. With Russia not known for its power of the purse-strings in its geopolitical alliance maintenance, and with former economic partners, Saudis-UAE, out of the picture, that left only one viable option– Enter China. But as we all know it cuts both ways- the rule of give-and-take in the geopolitical operations bible. With that in mind, what would be the most valuable geopolitical gain for China in a Turkey-China partnership? And with that, enter the Gladio B battle front Xinjiang and the hot-button subject of the Turkic Uyghurs.

Now, with that snap background in place, allow me to explain the what, how and why of Turkey’s recent fallout with the U.S. over S-400 as China’s major victory against Operation Gladio B’s China front:….

What is gladio B you ask?   It’s the post-cold-war successor to operation gladio, which was a program of false flag terror which nato waged in europe for years after WWII.   Which of course is a conspiracy theory.

Here’s Newsbud’s backgrounder on gladio B:

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